Yoon Seok-min revealed that he forced his first son to leave school.
Yoon Seok-min revealed that he forced his first son to leave school.
Seok-min Yoon and Soo-hyun Kim reveal their different perspectives on parenting.

Channel A's 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center', scheduled to air at 8:10 pm today (12th), will reveal the concerns of baseball players Yoon Seok-min and Kim Soo-hyun couple.

The couple, Yoon Seok-min and Kim Soo-hyun, reveal their concerns about their two sons, saying, "If my two older sons meet, they will fight and worry." Dr. Eunyoung Oh explains that in order to find the cause of children fighting, it is necessary to check what the whole family is like when they are together, and takes a closer look at the pre-filmed image of Seokmin Yoon and his two sons performing the 'HTP picture test'. Dr. Oh Eun-young pays attention to Yoon Seok-min's behavior, where he constantly praises his second child, while comparing him to the second child, saying to the first child, who shows a playful attitude, "Don't play around and be serious like your younger brother. Don't do that, you're a mess now."

Dr. Eunyoung Oh explains that 'comparison' is something you should never do when raising children, and warns that if you compare your children, their fights will inevitably become more frequent. Seokmin Yoon then explains that it doesn't matter whether he is good at drawing, but he compared them because the older child's attitude toward assignments was not good. Next, Seokmin Yoon confesses an anecdote about going to his oldest child's observation class, and confesses that he saw his oldest child only drawing pictures instead of concentrating in class, and that he disciplined him by forcing him to leave school after the first period. After hearing the story, Dr. Oh Eun-young said to Seok-min Yoon, "I really have a lot to tell you today," and analyzed in detail the characteristics of the firstborn that the couple Seok-min Yoon and Soo-hyun Kim were unable to understand.

Dr. Eun-young Oh understands that the couple Seok-min Yoon and Soo-hyun Kim have different 'couple parenting perspectives' that affect child-rearing, and analyzes that this can lead to many minor conflicts in the couple. In response, Yoon Seok-min confesses, "When I talk to my wife, we keep fighting," and that the topic they fight about the most is how his wife feeds the children. In response, Kim Soo-hyun confesses, "I did it because I wanted to rest after feeding the children quickly," and confesses that he does not want to listen to Yoon Seok-min because he does not take care of the children and only meddles.

After listening to the story of couple Seok-min Yoon and Soo-hyun Kim, Dr. Eun-young Oh reveals the results of the marital satisfaction test she conducted in advance. At the same time, it is analyzed that the two people are not satisfied with their 'problem-solving ability' to solve problems when they arise. Yoon Seok-min, who agreed to this, confessed his honest feelings, saying, "I know that we are both working hard, but because we feel like our efforts are bigger, we keep fighting." He no longer speaks when he feels like they are going to fight.

Dr. Eun-young Oh suggests that Seok-min Yoon's sensitivity, which is similar to that of the first child, is the cause of the couple's parenting conflict, and explains that he has a high sensitivity to external stimuli and seems to slow down or withhold reactions when uncomfortable emotions arise. Seok-min Yoon, who was surprised by Dr. Eun-young Oh's analysis, confesses that he actually organizes how to talk to his wife when an uncomfortable situation arises, but when they start talking, he feels unfair because he cannot express his opinion properly. He then confesses that he feels upset at his wife, who does not recognize him no matter how hard he tries.

Dr. Eun-young Oh explains that Seok-min Yoon was socialized as an athlete, but because he is inherently shy, he seems to have difficulty talking comfortably with people. In response to Dr. Eun-young Oh's pointed question as to whether he had ever said, "These clothes are cheap" in response to someone else's comment, "Are these good clothes? Aren't they expensive?", Seok-min Yoon responded angrily, saying, "I deliberately don't buy clothes with logos on them." I agree. Next, Yoon Seok-min confesses that when someone praises him, he feels embarrassed and wants to run away, and that he feels psychological pressure when he goes to crowded places, so it is difficult to stand in line at a good restaurant. He also reveals that when he went to Disneyland, he couldn't stand the crowds and left after an hour.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who heard Seok-min Yoon's story, explains that Seok-min Yoon is "in the top 5% in terms of sensitivity" and adds that because of this sensitivity, he would be better suited to baseball, which has a designated area for him, rather than other sports. In response, Yoon Seok-min confessed that when he plays soccer with other people, he sometimes avoids taking the ball away because he doesn't like getting bumped into them. He also said that he didn't know that he was a sensitive person until now, making the scene burst into laughter.

You can find out what Dr. Eun-young Oh's family solution for the couple Seok-min Yoon and Soo-hyun Kim will be on 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center', which airs at 8:10 pm on the 12th.

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