Swings, pork cutlet remark → explanation of Korean speaking style
Swings, pork cutlet remark → explanation of Korean speaking style
Singer Swings, who returned with a new full-length album, showed off his honest charm.

Swings started their activities in earnest starting with KBS' 'The Seasons - Lee Hyo-ri's Red Carpet', which aired on the 8th. On this day's broadcast, Swings performed 'Are You Listening?', a remake of 'Are You Listening?' released in 2013. The stage of ‘2024’ was presented.

Swings could not hide their nervousness at their first meeting with Lee Hyori. However, when the story of Psy, the head of the agency P NATION, came up, he made people laugh by revealing that he did 'mirror therapy' by looking at Psy as the CEO of the huge hip-hop agency AP Alchemy.

Swings, who currently runs a gym, said, “When I was over 100kg, I worked out hard because it was a general hospital, so I started a gym,” and also said that he also operates five restaurants and labels.

Swings also mentioned the tone of speech. He confessed, "There are many times when I feel unfair. In fact, I lived abroad as a child, but people pretend to be people who lived abroad. This is how I really speak." He continued, "I don't know why they keep asking me to act. Even when I go on variety shows, people ask me, 'You haven't lived abroad, right?' “I say this a lot,” he said, emphasizing, “I am real.”

Lee Hyo-ri summoned a past video, saying, “When you think of Swings, it’s pork cutlet.” When asked if he received a lot of criticism, Swings joked, "It was half and half. My music life is exactly like that. There is no middle ground."

In response to Hyori Lee's offer to participate as a feature if there is a good song, Swings also declared, "There is no way Swings' song is not good."

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google