Lee In-hye, secret to natural pregnancy at age 44
Lee In-hye, secret to natural pregnancy at age 44
Han Chae-young shared the story of her return to drama right after giving birth.

In the KBS2 entertainment show 'New Releases' (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeon Restaurant') that aired on the 8th, 'Human Barbie' Han Chae-young prepared a special baby party for her best friend of 18 years, Lee In-hye.

On this day, Han Chae-young prepared a baby party for someone by herself, saying, "I met her through a drama and have remained very close to her ever since. She recently gave birth and I wanted to congratulate her." Next, I prepared three healthy dishes for my friend who gave birth. Nurungji white boiled rice cooked in a rice cooker, seaweed soup with plenty of Korean beef tenderloin, and tomato beef stew that will suit the taste of a friend who likes Western food. Although it was thought to be a difficult dish, Han Chae-young surprised people by completing it easily, deliciously, and visually perfectly.

Next, the star of the baby party prepared by Han Chae-young appeared. It was actress Lee In-hye, a 'representative strict daughter' who became the youngest professor in the entertainment industry after receiving her doctorate from Korea University. Han Chae-young and Lee In-hye have maintained a close relationship ever since they appeared together in the KBS 2 drama 'Sassy Girl Chunhyang', which aired in 2005. Lee In-hye succeeded in conceiving naturally at the age of 44 and recently gave birth. Today was the first day Lee In-hye went out after giving birth.
Lee In-hye, secret to natural pregnancy at age 44
Lee In-hye, secret to natural pregnancy at age 44
Lee In-hye, who knows Han Chae-young well from her 'Yorini' days, was impressed by the dishes Han Chae-young carefully prepared for her. “Thanks to you, breastfeeding will go well,” she said explosively. Han Chae-young, who was a bit nervous, couldn't hide her pride when she saw her friend Lee In-hye eating deliciously. The two people, having had such a great time, began to tell their true stories. Lee In-hye, who was worried about natural pregnancy at the age of 44, expressed her gratitude, saying she received great comfort from her friend Han Chae-young.

Lee In-hye said, "I heard a lot of people around me asking if I could get pregnant at my age and telling me to do it through a test tube from the beginning. But I thought I should try to get pregnant naturally at least once, and I had peace of mind." She shared the secret to successfully getting pregnant naturally and giving birth to a son. revealed.

Han Chae-young asked Lee In-hye, “You’re a professor. Are you going to continue doing this from now on?” Lee In-hye responded, "I took a leave of absence. Will I be able to return to work after having a child?" He continued, “You (Han Chae-young) are really good at working and raising children at the same time.” Right after giving birth, Han Chae-young made a successful comeback through the KBS2 drama 'Pretty Man'. At that time, Han Chae-young garnered a lot of attention by returning to her perfect appearance, making it hard to believe that she had just given birth. On this day's broadcast, Han Chae-young's appearance at the production presentation site was also revealed.

Recalling that time, Han Chae-young said, "I started exercising a week after giving birth. I was very embarrassed at that time. It was really difficult to lose weight right after giving birth. The filming date was approaching, so I felt burdened." Han Chae-young, who shined more brilliantly than anyone else, did her best to maintain her position even after becoming a mother, and was able to balance both work and childcare.

On this day's broadcast, the results of the menu evaluation competition were also revealed. The winner was Lee Sang-yeop's Fried Fish Cake Teppan Udon. Lee Sang-yeop's Fried Fish Cake Teppan Udon is a menu that combines the chewy texture of fried fish cake and the addictive flavor of udon full of fiery flavor. Lee Sang-yeop, who received rave reviews from the menu evaluation panel, won the championship with Fried Fish Cake Teppan Udon, achieving his third win.

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