Ahn Jae-hong, Male Actor of the Year Award for 'Mask Girl', which sparked rumors of retirement
Ahn Jae-hong, Male Actor of the Year Award for 'Mask Girl', which sparked rumors of retirement
Actor Ahn Jae-hong won the Male Actor of the Year award at the 22nd Director's Cut Awards.

Unlike existing film awards, the 22nd Director's Cut Awards held on the 7th were directly selected by directors of the Directors Guild of Korea (DGK) through voting.

Ahn Jae-hong plays the role of Joo-nam, an outsider, in the Netflix series 'Mask Girl', which tells the story of Kim Mo-mi, an office worker with a complex about her appearance, who covers her face with a mask every night while working as a BJ on an Internet broadcast and gets caught up in an unintended incident. It attracted a lot of attention by presenting . He perfectly played the role of Joo-nam, a man tinged with obsession and madness, and added a new life-long work to his filmography, increasing immersion through visuals that ripped from the original webtoon and realistic acting skills.

Ahn Jae-hong, who was loved so much by the public that it caused a retirement rumor syndrome, enjoyed the joy of capturing the hearts of critics by winning the Male Actor of the Year Award in the series category at the 22nd Director's Cut Awards. He is said to have warmed up the awards ceremony hall by sharing his honor with those who participated in his acceptance speech.

Ahn Jae-hong continues his hard work with the Netflix series 'Dakgangjeong', which is scheduled to be released on March 15th. 'Dak Gangjeong' is a new mystery chase drama about father Seon-man, who tries to bring back his daughter Min-ah, who was turned into a chicken gangjeong after entering a mysterious machine, and Baek-joong, who has a crush on her. As soon as the trailer was released, it attracted attention with visuals that were 100% synchronized with the original webtoon. . In the play, Ahn Jae-hong takes on the role of Baek-joong, a man with a quirky charm whose trademark yellow pants are, and sets out to renew his character once again. Expectations are rising to see what kind of charm he will captivate viewers in this work.

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