Actress Joo Hyun-young "'Crime Scene Returns' was a courageous choice."
Actress Joo Hyun-young "'Crime Scene Returns' was a courageous choice."
Actress Joo Hyun-young released a Q&A to mark the end of TV's 'Crime Scene Returns'.

‘Crime Scene Returns’ has returned with an upgrade after 7 years. It fascinated subscribers with its grand scale and tightly woven events.

Joo Hyun-young, who newly joined the program, created a sense of immersion by completely assimilating into the character in the episode. Penetrating the situation with a sharp gaze and passionately deducing the real culprit created tension and catharsis.

Meanwhile, Joo Hyun-young is scheduled to appear in the movies 'Ghost Train' and '2 O'Clock Date'.

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Q. All episodes of ‘Crime Scene Returns’ have been released. How do you feel after completing the newly joined ‘Crime Scene Returns’?
A. Since everything was new in ‘Crime Scene Returns’, I think I waited for the first release with great fear and anxiety. Because filming requires tremendous concentration and persistence, I blamed myself for not being physically prepared enough. In that sense, if I have another opportunity next time, I would like to try playing by complementing my shortcomings with the know-how I learned from my seniors.

Q. The role-playing of various characters, which is the unique charm of the ‘Crime Scene’ series, and the mystery of finding the real culprit of a murder case seem to have presented a new challenge.
A. I tend to lack persistence or competitiveness, so I think it was very difficult for me to desperately defend myself or to be sure of the other person's identity. However, from the moment you entered Dogville in ‘Crime Scene Returns’, you had to persistently search for clues and fight for a long time, so every moment was a challenge and a learning experience. First of all, the first thing I could do was to become as familiar with the relationships between myself and other characters involved in the complicated case as possible. The second was to make the narrative and personality of the specific character given by the production staff my own.

Q. The response to ‘Crime Scene Returns’, which returned after 7 years, and to you for your amazing performance in each episode, was very enthusiastic. I am curious whether you have ever felt this popularity and whether there have been any impressive reactions.
A. There are quite a few people who got to know me on ‘SNL Korea’, but there are also many who saw me acting for the first time through ‘Crime Scene Returns’. I think we were lacking a lot, but I was grateful that there were people who became fans through ‘Crime Scene Returns’ and it made me want to show a more diverse and impressive side of myself. The reaction that impressed me was when I saw an article like that. “It seems like Joo Hyun-young puts the character given to her by the production staff in the washing machine, adds a lot of the fabric softener she originally used, washes it, and wears it.” At the same time I felt good, I also wanted to buy a new fabric softener and create a completely new scent.

Q. Your passionate acting as if you were one with the character drove the immersion of subscribers. I wonder if there was ever a moment when I was overly immersed.
A. It's a shame that I don't think I've ever had a moment where I was more immersed than I thought because I was doubting whether I was doing a good job. Nevertheless, if I were to pick a moment that left an impression, it would probably be when I took on the main obsession role in episode 1. When I think about it as my main obsession, even non-sensical things become accepted as common sense, and even the strange actions and words that the characters do have their own justification. Even the scene in which he wondered, “Is that really that surprising?” about the fact that he changed his name and stalked Jin Ye-won, who was the victim in the play, did not feel shocking at all from my perspective as an actor.

Q. What kind of memory do you think will remain?
A. I think I will be remembered as a very courageous and good choice that challenged myself. Whenever I feel scared or hesitate because I think it's my limit, I'll remember the moments in 'Crime Scene Returns' where I tried to overcome it somehow, and it will encourage me and give me courage.

Q. Lastly, please say hello to the subscribers who loved ‘Crime Scene Returns.’
A. It was an honor to appear on Korea’s legendary mystery entertainment show. I'm not sure if he was a player worthy of the reputation of such a great program. However, if I have contributed in any way to viewers' immersion, I will try not to blame myself a little. We are grateful for the attention and love we have received and will greet you again as we grow even more. Above all, I would like to express my respect to the production team who created an environment for players to act and reason intensely. thank you!

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google