Park Bo-gum's Midam, Park Seul-gi "BTS CD brought tears to my eyes"
Park Bo-gum's Midam, Park Seul-gi "BTS CD brought tears to my eyes"
Park Seul-gi reveals the story of being touched by Park Bo-gum. He also certifies that he is a ‘big fan’ of BTS, saying, “I shed a lot of tears over the BTS CD that Park Bo-gum gave me.”

MBC's entertainment show 'Radio Star', which will air on the 28th, will feature a special feature called 'Active Family King' featuring Lee Hyo-jung, Jo Woo-jong, Park Seul-gi, Kim Jun-ho, and STAYC's Si-eun.

Park Seul-gi, 9 months pregnant with her second child, visits ‘Las’. Jo Woo-jong couldn't believe his ears when Park Seul-gi, who was pregnant, appeared in 'Las'. Seulgi Park said, “My second child is scheduled to be born on March 11th,” and revealed the exact date of birth, revealing that she is fighting at full term. However, when Park Seul-gi and her husband call each other by the nickname “my love,” ‘entertainment mentor’ Kim Gura earnestly asks, “Please don’t do that,” causing laughter.

She reveals her current situation of working without an agency as her work has decreased after her second pregnancy. In particular, she reveals her husband’s entertainment ambitions, saying, “The groom is the manager,” and is more passionate about broadcasting than she is. Park Seul-gi revealed her difficulties, saying, “It’s difficult to open the appearance fee,” and Lee Hyo-jung, an actress with 45 years of experience, shared her own experience and advised, “You have to be careful with what you say.”

Park Seul-gi, the ‘Junior Park Kyung-rim of the event world,’ said, “I will attack one-on-one without fail,” and revealed her special move. “Now, people in the event industry are worried about me standing still for a long time,” and added, “I’m giving birth soon.” “Please wait,” she said, predicting a quick return to work after giving birth, causing laughter.

He, who has been in charge of hosting Park Bo-gum's fan meeting for a long time, is hosting a fan meeting for the first time in a long time after Park Bo-gum's discharge from the military. He reveals the story of how he was touched by Park Bo-gum's handwritten letter and the BTS CD gift. In addition, Kim Gura is surprised by the fact that he is a big fan of BTS, to the point where he names his children 'BTS' and 'Ttantan', and reveals the crucial reason why he cannot host a BTS event even if he wants to.

Meanwhile, Park Seul-gi, the 'first album singer' whom no one knew about, will unveil a new song she is preparing to celebrate her 20th debut anniversary for the first time on Radio Star. However, when everyone naturally sang along to Park Seul-gi's new song, Kim Gook-jin was said to have expressed concern, saying, "This is not your song," making people curious as to why.

‘Radio Star’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google