Narsha, surprise statement
Narsha, surprise statement
A teaser video of 'Playing Sister 2' ahead of its comeback in season 2 has been released.

On the 27th, Channel S·E Channel's 'Playing Sister 2' released a teaser video containing the sisters' unimaginable ideas and passionate determination to increase viewer ratings.

In this teaser, the five members of Chae Rina, Lee Ji-hye, Ivy, Narsha, and Choa appear to be even more motivated at a dinner party to celebrate the confirmation of Season 2. They begin an emergency response meeting after hearing the production team say, “We need to increase viewership ratings.”

When Producer Bang Hyun-young said that the sisters' unconventional makeup showed off their performance at the 'Character Awards', Ivy responded, "Let's dress up." Lee Ji-hye, known as Tapgol Winter, goes beyond makeup and clenches her fists, saying, “Let’s go find Winter.” After thinking for a moment, Chae-rina suggests, “All husbands should come out, too,” and Ji-hye Lee responds, “My husband is a government official.” The production team also loved the idea, saying, “(Chae Ri-na, an athlete, and her husband) will be strong if she does something like a sports competition with her husband.”

Meanwhile, Jihye Lee said, “I just thought of it,” and suggested a battle of ‘Playing Sister’ vs. ‘Playing Sister’, enticing the production team. Chae Ri-na also makes a strong promise that she will reveal her story of overcoming infertility on air, saying, “I will hurry up with egg retrieval.” Not to be outdone by her sisters' passion, Ivy makes a surprising statement to Choa, saying, "Let's get pregnant(?)," and even Narsha jumps in and says, "Or I'll divorce(?)", destroying the scene.

With ideas pouring in that exceed her motivation limit, Lee Ji-hye shows cool-headed analysis, saying, “We have to think about what viewers want from us.” In response, PD Bang reflects on the planning intention, saying, "I know the point of directing very well. It should be able to elicit a reaction of 'I want to play there too.'" At the same time, we announce that Big Mama Lee Young-hyun will join as a new member in Season 2. The sisters cheered, saying, “It’s so good,” drawing attention to the new chemistry between the six members that will be revealed in the future.

When PD Bang talks about Chae Rina's school days, where she went dancing instead of going to school, she self-discloses, saying, "I also went to a dance academy." As dance requests flooded in, PD Bang performed BoA's 'Atlantis Girl' under the lights of a restaurant, eliciting reactions such as "This is the first time I've seen a PD like this." With the motivation and passion of the five members and the production team exploding, expectations are rising for the first broadcast of 'Playing Sister 2', which will become even stronger with the addition of Lee Young-hyun.

‘Playing With Sister 2’ will be aired for the first time on March 12th.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google