Kim Hyun-sook said, “I had resentment toward my mother.”
Kim Hyun-sook said, “I had resentment toward my mother.”
Kim Hyun-sook unveils her home in Yongsan-gu, Seoul for the first time.

In Channel A's 'Best Friends Tocumentary - Table for 4' (hereinafter referred to as 'Table for 4'), which will be broadcast at 8:10 pm on the 26th, Kim Hyun-sook, who is active in various fields such as comedy stage, theater, and film, will appear.

Kim Hyun-sook is revealing for the first time the house in Yongsan-gu where she is temporarily living alone with her son while waiting for the remodeling of the apartment she bought at auction before getting married. Kim Hyun-sook divorced in 2020 and is currently raising a son.

Kim Hyun-sook invites her close friends. Kim Hyun-sook's close friends include Jeon Soo-kyung, Korea's leading first-generation musical actress, singer-songwriter Park Seon-joo, who is also working as a vocal trainer, and Kim San-ho, the actor who appeared the longest as her counterpart in 'Dirty Young-ae'. They share in detail the parenting concerns that arise while raising their children.

Park Seon-ju, who came from Jeju Island to invite us on this day, brought home-made salted fish oysters and geotjeori. Park Seon-joo shared her current situation as she is voluntarily raising a single child in Jeju Island, away from her husband, Chef Leo Kang, who is currently focusing on farming. Also known as a copyright rich, she surprised her friends by saying, "My husband and I don't know each other's assets," and revealed that she is paying half of all expenses, including child support, from the beginning of her marriage to the present.

It is said that Jeon Soo-kyung was suffering from thyroid cancer when she first met her current husband through the introduction of musical actor Itaewon. Jeon Soo-kyung reveals to her husband that she is undergoing treatment for cancer. Accordingly, her husband said that he gave Jeon Soo-kyung the courage to focus only on treatment. Jeon Soo-kyung expressed her gratitude to her husband, saying, “I suffered from cancer, but I overcame it by relying on my husband.” The twin daughters, who were initially opposed to their mother's remarriage, also tell the story of how they have learned their husband's sincerity and are now a complete family.

Kim Hyun-sook, who grew up with a mother who raised three siblings alone after her divorce, confesses, “I had love for my mother, but I also resented her.” After giving birth and raising a child, she shed tears, saying, "I finally understand my mother completely."

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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