Han Ga-in "I've eaten 10 bags of ramen in my life and I don't even drink cola."
Han Ga-in "I've eaten 10 bags of ramen in my life and I don't even drink cola."
Actress Han Ga-in, who has both children diagnosed as gifted, revealed that she has only eaten 10 bags of ramen in her entire life.

In the second episode of tvN's entertainment show 'Europe Outside the Tent - Southern France', which aired on the 25th, the members' journey into the 'Verdon Gorge', which is considered one of Europe's famous attractions, was depicted. The viewer rating on this day was an average of 5.7% and a maximum of 9.5% for households in the metropolitan area, and an average of 5.3% and a maximum of 8.5% for households nationwide, ranking first in the same time slot including comprehensive cable channels.

The members who entered the first campsite began pitching their tents in earnest. Jo Bo-ah, an excited novice camper, fought with the tent holding the manual, and Ra Mi-ran came as a tent instructor to help with the actual use. Jo Bo-ah and Han Ga-in, who had no camping experience, were happy with the birth of their first home and fell in love with the charm of camping.

On the second day of camping, the members' characters began to be revealed. Han Ga-in shared bathroom stories with the members without hesitation, and Ra Mi-ran naturally skipped washing her face, causing laughter. The breakfast menu was little kimbap suggested by Han Ga-in. Ryu Hye-young tried pot rice, and Jo Bo-ah and Han Ga-in brought in baguettes that had been pre-ordered at the campsite reception. Their breakfast, which started with little kimbap, continued to four rounds, including baguettes, bibimbap, and sungnyung. 'Dasik Restaurant Director' Ra Mi-ran transformed into a 'Geek Chef' and started developing new menus with various combinations, causing laughter.
Han Ga-in "I've eaten 10 bags of ramen in my life and I don't even drink cola."
Han Ga-in "I've eaten 10 bags of ramen in my life and I don't even drink cola."
Afterwards, the members visited the village of Moustier Sainte-Marie near the camping site. This place, which was selected as the most beautiful village in France, was also forever named ‘the village where the stars never set’. The 'star' hanging between canyons was a famous feature of the village with a special history and meaning, and the members were amazed to find the 'star'. The four people went shopping for accessories to match their group bracelet friendship items, then shared ice cream and enjoyed the sensibility of a southern French village.

The four of us briefly ate ramen at the campsite. Han Ga-in said, “I don’t usually eat noodles,” and “I don’t usually eat ramen. “I think I’ve eaten 10 bags in my entire life.” He also surprised people by saying, “I’ve only had about four cans of soda, including cola, since I was born,” and “I’d rather drink soju.”

Afterwards, the place the four people headed was the Verdon Gorge, which stretches for 25 km. The members rented a pedal boat on the lake to fully enjoy the emerald Verdon Gorge. Since there were only pedals in the front, two people decided to pedal in turns and entered the canyon in earnest. Lamiran was amazed by the overwhelming scenery and said, “Once I got inside, it felt like I was exploring a cave.” From divers to people enjoying romantic vacations in their own way, the unique charm and leisure of southern France overflowed.

At the halfway point, they changed places and Han Ga-in and Ra Mi-ran came out to the front of the boat. Ra Mi-ran made Han Ga-in, who passionately shared pedal exercise tips, make everyone laugh by saying, "It seems like you're doing everything that's good for your body." Ra Mi-ran and Han Ga-in showed off their extraordinary chemistry while singing a delicious sea shanty song in the Verdon Gorge in France, the peak of romance. The older sisters increased their speed and pedaled for their younger siblings who were starting to feel hungry.

Lake Verdon, which we faced again by car, was another spectacular view, with a clear view. The members moved to the road where they could clearly see the Verdon Gorge from the highest position. Han Ga-in, who was running through the beautiful scenery, said, "Isn't it like we women are filming a road movie together?" and cited the movie 'Thelma and Louise' as an example. When we reached the top, another view of the canyon was revealed. The members could not keep their mouths shut as Mother Nature unfolded before their eyes. Han Ga-in, who approached coolly, said, “Isn’t that the scenery?” and exclaimed in admiration.

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