Jo Jung-seok and Shin Se-kyung promise eternal love
Jo Jung-seok and Shin Se-kyung promise eternal love
With Jo Jung-seok fully aware of Shin Se-kyung's identity, they went a long way and confirmed their feelings for each other.

In the 13th episode of the tvN Saturday-Sunday drama 'Sejak, The Bewitched', which aired on the 24th, Kang Mong-woo (played by Kang Hee-soo, Shin Se-kyung) fell to the sword by Choo Dal-ha (played by Na Hyeon-woo) instead of Lee In (played by Jo Jeong-seok). The scene depicts Lee In discovering that his teacher Kang Hang-sun (Son Hyun-joo)'s biological daughter is Kang Mong-woo. In addition, the life-threatening power struggle between Lee In and Park Jong-hwan (played by Lee Gyu-hoe) over the truth of the Sejak incident three years ago reached its peak.

Even though Kang Mong-woo recognized the assassination plot, he could not hide his devastated feelings toward Lee In, who followed him. Lee In just looked at Kang Mong-woo, wiping away his tears as he expressed his shame, saying, “You knew everything from the beginning, so why did you come here?” Soon after, Chu Dal-ha rushes in to assassinate Lee In, and at that moment, Kang Mong-wu falls down by Chu Dal-ha's sword on behalf of Lee In. In an unexpected attack, Lee In hugged Kang Mong-woo, who was stabbed instead of him and fell unconscious, and cried out, "Mong-woo, you can't lose your mind." Lee In was filled with fear that he could lose Kang Mong-woo again after hearing Jin Nam-gyu (played by Han Jeong-ho) say, “Tonight will be a critical moment.” He then poured out his earnest feelings for Kang Mong-woo, saying, “If I lose you like this, I will never forgive myself.”

Jin Jin-gyu confessed to Lee In that he had falsely accused him of not only the cooperative relationship between Kim Je-nam (played by Lee Yoon-hee) and Kang Mong-woo, but also of having sampled Kang Mong-woo's scars during the reign of Kishinje. Afterwards, Kim Je-nam, who was called by Lee In, said about his relationship with Kang Mong-woo, "Three years ago, after coming to me with a dying body, he confessed that he harbored treasonous intentions and asked me for help. I have no intention of avoiding sin, but I look forward to it." “If the spirit does not die but awakens, please listen deeply to its meaning.” When Lee In found out through Kim Je-nam that Kang Mong-woo was the daughter of his teacher Kang Hang-sun, he blamed himself for finding out too late, saying, “Are you saying Mong-woo is Master’s blood relative?” and looked at Kang Mong-woo, who rarely woke up, with a broken heart.

After Prince Munseong (played by Choi Ye-chan) was installed as crown prince, there was a change in the attitude of the major and small officials toward Kim Myeong-ha (played by Lee Shin-yeong). When Min Sang-hyo (played by Kim Seo-ha) did not even know the whereabouts of Kang Mong-woo, whom Kim Myeong-ha had revealed to be of the same mind, he said, "You have changed. Since you became a relative of the royal family, your words and actions have changed. You and Gi Dae-ryeong are people who share the same goal for the crown prince's descent." “I thought so, but was I wrong?” he pointed out, expressing his disappointment. In addition, Dongsanggung (played by Park Ye-yeong) summoned the doctor and asked what was going on last night when Byeolgunjik's royal guard and royal doctor went out together and Lee In's whereabouts became unclear. However, when the doctor said, “You were with Gi Dae-ryeong, but she was a woman,” he was shocked and expressed his anger. In addition, Park Jong-hwan requested Lee In to resign Kim Myeong-ha and reprimand Kim Je-nam and Kang Mong-woo, and Lee In felt displeased with Park Jong-hwan's actions that crossed the line and exceeded the king's authority.

Meanwhile, Kang Mong-woo miraculously regained consciousness, and Lee In came to him, giving him excitement. When Kang Mong-woo saw Yi-in, whom he had missed so much, he was excited and apologetic and said, "No, I thought you were coming." Yi-in said, "I wanted to run as soon as I heard you woke up, but I didn't have the confidence to face you." I complained. In particular, Lee In revealed to Kang Mong-woo that the things he had done out of spite, such as installing Crown Prince Munseong, were in fact what he had hoped for. In response to Lee In's confession, "I used you. I used you as a shield to hide what I wanted to do," Kang Mong-woo refers to the conversation between Lee In and Park Jong-hwan that he secretly overheard at Yeongchwijeong and said, "I can see before my eyes that he is a ruthless and rebellious monarch. "Even after it was revealed, my feelings of love did not go away. Instead of disappearing, they became painfully strong and shook me. That's why I decided to kill myself before I fell into deeper delusion," he said, revealing his suppressed emotions.

As Yi-in and Kang Mong-woo confirmed their love, Yi-in hugged Kang Mong-woo and said, “Can you hear my heart beating? Can you hear me jumping for joy? I will never lose you again. I will protect you.” promised eternal love. At the same time, when Lee In announced that his father Kang Hang-soon was alive, Kang Mong-woo was happy, wiping away tears of joy. Meanwhile, Lee In transported Chu Dal-ha to Uigeumbu and ordered Do Seung-ji (played by Jeong Eui-wook) to "Defeat the traitors of the country and defeat the traitors." At that time, Park Jong-hwan heard from Yoo Hyeon-bo (played by Yang Gyeong-won), “Chu Dal-ha is Se-jak, who went to the Ming Dynasty three years ago and was captured by the Qing, and is now the person of Kang Mong-woo, Dae-gi-ryeong,” and headed straight to Pyeonjeon.

Park Jong-hwan, who paused for a moment at the subtle attitude of Lee In, who seemed to be predicting his actions, revealed Chu Dal-ha's identity and said, "It is clear that Kang Mong-woo and Kim Myeong-ha, who had a grudge against His Highness for the false accusation incident three years ago, instigated the assassination. Immediately. “I will transport him to Uigeumbu and interrogate him,” he said, requesting a waiver. Lee In changed the atmosphere by saying, “This pro-country meeting is not to investigate Chu Dal-ha’s crimes.” Lee In, who had previously given Choo Dal-ha a choice, saying, "After confessing your sins, find the evil Se-jak who snitched on you to the Qing Dynasty and sue him for punishment," said Choo Dal-ha, "Please clearly reveal Se-jak's sins that put the country and people in jeopardy." He recited his accusations and strangled Park Jong-hwan.

Park Jong-hwan was startled by Lee In's sharp eyes, and Lee In seemed determined and said, "I have been waiting for this day for a long time. I will expose the age-old traitor who conspired with the Qing Dynasty and put the country and people in danger, and I will punish him for high treason." “Oh,” he said, revealing cold anger and causing tension to surge. With the truth of the Sejak incident finally rising to the surface, attention is being paid to whether Lee In will be able to remove the mask of Park Jong-hwan, who is full of ambition, and punish him.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google