A look at Son Ho-jun's death just before his 'early departure'... Big smiles at the filming site of ‘My Happy End’
A look at Son Ho-jun's death just before his 'early departure'... Big smiles at the filming site of ‘My Happy End’
“Only two episodes until the final episode! “The strong ‘teamwork’ shined!”

TV CHOSUN 'My Happy End' released a 'behind-the-scenes cut' that even made people laugh, relieving the disappointment of 3 days left until the end.

TV CHOSUN weekend mini-series 'My Happy End' (written by Baek Seon-hee/directed by Jo Soo-won/produced by Story Vine Pictures, High Ground, I&Culture) is 'After the things I believed to be true were broken, all that was left was misery.' I turn away to regain my true happiness. It is a story of a woman's desperate struggle facing the 'me' that has come.

'My Happy End' features a 'dramatic narrative' in which unpredictable events are tightly connected, 'various relationships' of characters that are organically intertwined, sensuous directing that delicately depicts the inner psychology of humans, and Jang Na-ra, Son Ho-jun, So Yi-hyun- The excellent performances of actors such as Lee Ki-taek, Kim Hong-pa, and Park Ho-san created 'extreme synergy', leading to favorable reviews calling it a 'well-made psychological thriller'.

Jang Na-ra, Son Ho-jun, So Yi-hyun, Lee Ki-taek, Kim Hong-pa, and Park Ho-san are captivating viewers by creating famous scenes in every episode with overwhelming acting that perfectly blends into their characters. In relation to this, vivid 'behind-the-scenes cuts' of the 'My Happy End' actors, from the moments when they seriously ignited their passion for acting to the moments when they burst into cheerful laughter, have been released and are attracting attention.

First of all, Jang Na-ra, who is showing off the spectacular emotions of Seo Jae-won, who is struggling to find the truth, played a great role as a first-class contributor who provided energy to all parts of the scene. While preparing for filming, Jang Na-ra showed her passion for acting by raising the mood with a relaxed and bright smile and having in-depth conversations about the scene with her co-star. Son Ho-jun has emerged as a 'smile maker' who encourages a harmonious atmosphere with his unique generous and generous smile. In particular, Jang Na-ra and Son Ho-jun showed special affection and tender consideration for Choi So-yul, who played the role of daughter Heo Ah-rin, creating a happy 'family chemistry' whenever they were together, warming the viewers.

So Yi-hyun stole the show with a completely different side from Kwon Yun-jin, who was built up as a villain. As she walked side by side with Jang Na-ra, who was in a heated confrontation, she radiated loveliness with a wide smile, and showed off her lively charm by bursting into laughter while collaborating with her co-star. Lee Ki-taek brought vitality to the scene by going back and forth between serious acting and a cool smile. Lee Ki-taek, who had been reading the script without letting go of it in preparation for filming, helped ease the tension on set by giving warm eyes and a gentle smile to his co-star when filming stopped for a moment.

Kim Hong-pa, who expresses extraordinary fatherly love through his heavy and dignified acting, colored the scene with his kind and warm smile. Kim Hong-pa showed a disarming smile at Choi So-yul's cute cuteness and a cheerful smile at Jang Na-ra's playful expression, creating a warm feeling. Park Ho-san, who heightens the tension every time he appears, attracted attention by bursting into refreshing laughter in an unexpected situation. In addition, Park Ho-san made not only his co-actors but also the on-site staff burst into laughter with his ingenious ad-libs and witty reactions.

The production team said, “I think the senior and junior actors’ extraordinary passion for acting and close teamwork in ‘My Happy End’ shined through, making it loved as a ‘well-made psychological thriller.’” They added, “‘My Happy End’ is heading toward the end.” “Please watch the broadcast to see the essence of the actors’ never-ending ‘sincere and passionate acting.’”

Meanwhile, episode 15 of TV CHOSUN's weekend mini-series 'My Happy End' will be broadcast at 9:10 pm on the 24th (Saturday).

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google