Solar confesses to the aftereffects of her meridians, “It’s like it’s crushing my bones”
Solar confesses to the aftereffects of her meridians, “It’s like it’s crushing my bones”
Kim Jong-kook said, “I was timid when I was young. “I said the wrong thing and couldn’t say no,” he said, revealing a past that was 180 degrees different from that of Tiger Jong-kook.

the Life original entertainment show ‘MAKE Handsome-Change! ‘My Man’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Mac Handsome Man’) is content tailored to improve my man’s appearance, providing an opportunity for change to men who have lost confidence for various reasons. Along with the 'MC Corps' Kim Jong-kook, Solar, and Teacher Ki-woo, 'The Avengers' shows the transformation of my man.

Episode 5, which airs today (the 20th), features 'My Timid Man', who works as an introverted body shaper, and 'My Foody Man', who has changed from an appearance reminiscent of Kwon Sang-woo and Kim Woo-bin in the past to a large man weighing 127 kg.

Meanwhile, it is said that MCs Kim Jong-guk, Solar, and Teacher Ki-woo continued to sigh and feel sorry for the appearance of the body type manager 'My Timid Man'. Kim Jong-kook catches people's attention by saying, "I was timid when I was young, too," as the 'timid man' shows an introverted personality that prevents him from taking off his mask and speaking even while working due to his appearance complex.

Kim Jong-guk, who is currently called a tiger, said, “I wasn’t good at speaking and I wasn’t good at saying no. I am speaking clearly now. But that tendency still remains. “When making an appointment, I speak accurately with close friends, but when I’m not close, I’m not good at saying no,” he said, expressing great sympathy and regret for ‘My Timid Man’.

Also, when the 'timid man' was unable to say that he was in pain while receiving the meridian massage, Solar vividly shared a review of the meridian massage, making his ears prick up. Solar said, “The pain in the meridians is unbearable. “(My man) is so timid that he can’t show his pain,” she said, worried. “When I tried the meridians, I thought it would crush my bones. “It’s hard to get it in the right position,” he said, causing laughter.

In response to the image of a 'timid man' who constantly touches meridians and gua sha due to low self-esteem due to his appearance, Solar said, "If you irritate the face with meridians and gua sha, your skin becomes more stressed," and "The skin also needs soothing." It is said that he gave a good tip and raised expectations for the future transformation of 'My Timid Man'.

Teacher Ki-woo, who intuited the complete transformation of ‘My Timid Man’, burst out in admiration and said, “To be honest, I was so surprised while watching the video. (After transformation) He is just a different person,” raising expectations for the appearance of ‘My Timid Man’, who will undergo an unprecedented transformation.

'MAKE Handsome-Change! ‘My Man’ airs every Tuesday at 8:10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google