Choi Hong-man, living in seclusion for 5 years, "I'm afraid to go out into the world"
Choi Hong-man, living in seclusion for 5 years, "I'm afraid to go out into the world"
Choi Hong-man reveals the reason why he lived in seclusion for five years.

Returning hero 'Techno Goliath' Choi Hong-man will visit Channel A's entertainment show 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center', which will be broadcast on the 20th.

With the appearance of Choi Hong-man, the so-called 'Jal Rich Man' who turns everything into miniature, MC Jeong Hyeong-don proposes an update to the jjal. Choi Hong-man gladly accepted and succeeded in creating a new meme by lifting the shortest comedian Park Na-rae, who is 60cm shorter than him. In response, MC Park Na-rae complained of altitude sickness, saying, “This is the first time I’ve been lifted this high since I was 5 years old.”

Afterwards, full-fledged consultation on concerns begins, and Choi Hong-man's unexpected concerns are revealed. Although they are preparing to return by exercising every day, they feel pressured by people's gaze and feel anxious when they go outside without a mask. He also confesses that he has been living a secluded life on Jeju Island, avoiding people for five years. Choi Hong-man then reveals his true feelings, saying that he wants to play because he is in the best condition in the past 10 years, but he cannot easily decide to return.

Accordingly, MC Lee Yoon-ji confessed that when she returned after taking a year-long break due to giving birth, she had difficulty acting because she could not speak after standing in front of the camera for the first time in a long time, and sympathizes with the difficulties of returning. MC Jeong Hyeong-don also reminisces about the time he returned after taking an 8-month hiatus from broadcasting due to anxiety disorder. On the day of his return, he was so nervous that he couldn't even stay in the waiting room. He confessed that he stayed at the emergency exit alone and started filming while holding on to his trembling heart, showing his understanding of Choi Hong-man's hesitation about returning.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who confirmed his concerns, asks if there is a reason he is hesitant to return even though he is in good condition. Choi Hong-man confesses that he is afraid of receiving attention from people. Therefore, meeting Dr. Oh Eun-young through the 'Golden Counseling Center' adds to the sincerity of the counseling by confessing that it was difficult to muster the courage after a year of long worries.

Dr. Eunyoung Oh asks Hongman Choi if he finds it difficult to make decisions. In response, Choi Hong-man confesses that even small decisions are not easy and reveals that even if there is something he wants to do in his heart, he cannot readily say it. Then, MC Jeong Hyeong-don asked if he had ever thought of receiving psychiatric treatment like himself if he was really having a hard time. Choi Hong-man responds that he cannot go because he is afraid of consulting with people he does not know, causing regret.

Upon hearing this, Dr. Oh Eun-young reveals the results of Hong-man Choi's pre-test MMPI (Multi-faceted Personality Test) and mentions Hong-man Choi's psychological discomfort. When feeling uncomfortable, the way to deal with it varies depending on a person's personality, and Hongman Choi analyzes it as 'avoidance'.

In response, MC Jeong Hyeong-don asks Choi Hong-man if there was a special reason for his avoidance. Choi Hong-man then explains that he naturally avoided it as the wounds he received from people accumulated. He then revealed that he was self-isolating, saying that he moved to Jeju Island because he had no way to hide his body size, which caused everyone to worry.

It is said that on this day, the production team of 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center' personally went to Jeju Island to capture Choi Hong-man's feelings, who had decided to meet with Dr. Oh Eun-young. Expectations are high to see what Dr. Oh Eun-young's customized Eun-young magic will be for Choi Hong-man.

‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ airs every Tuesday at 8:10 p.m.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google