Jeon Yu-jin, confession of her father’s struggle with illness
Jeon Yu-jin, confession of her father’s struggle with illness
Jeon Yu-jin sheds tears as she relays the news of her father's illness.

In the 45th episode of MBN's entertainment show 'Burning Roses' Season 2 (hereinafter referred to as 'Rose Group 2'), which airs on the 19th (today), Son Tae-jin, Shin Seong, Min Soo-hyun, Kim Jung-yeon, Park Min-soo, Gonghun, Enoch and the top 10 'Active Singer King' Jeon Yu-jin. -My Jin, Da-hyun Kim, Lin, Hye-shin Park, Maria-Star Lover, Hye-yeon Kang, Soo-hyun Yoon, and Yang Kim will hold a 'Flaming Awards Ceremony' to praise and console each other after completing a difficult and difficult competition. When the members of 'Active Singer' went from being contestants being judged to becoming masters evaluating the TOP 7, they showed a relaxed appearance, leaning on the backrest and crossing their legs, making people laugh.

On this day's broadcast, members of 'Romance 2' and 'Active King of Singer' confessed various first confessions, making the scene solemn. First, Son Tae-jin sympathizes with the achievements achieved by the 'King of Singers' members through blood, sweat, and tears over the past three months, and confesses that he also experienced various worries ahead of the 'Burning Rose Dan' preliminaries. Son Tae-jin sings the song with the confession, “During the process of preparing, I wasn’t sure if this was the right path or if I was really doing well,” and “I received a lot of strength when I heard this song at that time.” It raises curiosity about the name of the certificate given to Son Tae-jin by the members of 'Rose Group' and the TOP 10 members of 'Active King of Singers' and what the cheering song was that allowed Son Tae-jin to stand in this position.

Jeon Yu-jin, the winner of the 'Active Singer King' honor, surprised everyone with the shocking confession that "I came from a dance club," unlike the emotional genius she showed on stage. In particular, Jeon Yu-jin, who accepted the award given by Kim Jung-yeon, the official performer of 'Roses', burst into laughter with the comment, "I was proud of my dance, and I am so happy that you saw it."

On the other hand, Jeon Yu-jin said, “I always expressed my gratitude for my mother on broadcast, but I never sang a song about my father,” and selected Lim Young-woong’s ‘Father’, touching everyone’s hearts. Jeon Yu-jin then breaks down in tears, saying, “My father is a little sick. My father has a chronic illness, so he can’t work and he lives alone in the countryside. I’m worried.” In particular, the sight of Kim, who recently lost her father while listening to Jeon Yu-jin's song, keeps wiping away tears, making everyone's noses wrinkle. It draws curiosity as to what the stage of Lim Young-woong's 'Father', reinterpreted by Jeon Yu-jin as a resolute person holding back her sadness, would have been like.

Lin, who transformed from a decent 'Balachine' to a 'trot scene' through 'King of Active Singer', tells us about her daily life that has changed since appearing on 'King of Active Singer'. When Yang Se-hyung asked Lin, “I heard you didn’t worry about appearing on ‘King of Active Singer’ for even a second,” Lin responded, “I didn’t know it was such a difficult place. He draws attention by conveying his honest feelings, saying, “I came here only because I like it.” After appearing on 'Active King of Singers', the reactions from people around her, including Lynn's parents and Davichi's Kang Min-kyung, raise expectations about what changes will occur to Lin, one of the top 4 active singers.

The production team said, “The ‘Active King of Singer’ members are making their first group entertainment appearance in ‘Romance 2’ and tell the story of how their daily lives have completely changed in just 3 months of ‘Active King of Singer.’” “‘Romance 2’ was even more enjoyable because everyone was the main character.” “Please look forward to our joint performance.”

Season 2 of ‘Burning Roses’ airs every Monday at 9:10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google