Father and daughter Baek Il-seop, separated for 7 years, conflict breaks out again
Father and daughter Baek Il-seop, separated for 7 years, conflict breaks out again
Baek Il-seop celebrated Lunar New Year for the first time with his daughter's family after being separated for seven years. The warm atmosphere was short-lived, but the daughter expressed her disappointment to Baek Il-seop, revealing the conflict once again.

In the TV Chosun entertainment show 'Dad and Me' that aired on the 14th, Baek Il-seop was shown spending Lunar New Year with his daughter's family for the first time.

On this day, Baek Il-seop made braised beef ribs himself, albeit with poor skills, to welcome his daughter's family. The daughter first visited the house where Baek Il-seop lived alone and looked at the refrigerator, and when she saw that it was filled with only kimchi, she said, “It was as cluttered as a single room.” “I need to make dumplings,” he said, and started to clean out the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, Baek Il-seop received his grandchildren's New Year's greetings and gave them pocket money, and his daughter and her wife also paid their New Year's greetings and gave Baek Il-seop their first pocket money. Baek Il-seop was thrilled with the allowance he received for the first time, saying, “I’ll put it well.”

Baek Il-seop's daughter revived the taste of Baek Il-seop's braised ribs and threw away rotten or expired ingredients. I also made kimchi dumplings and rice cake dumpling soup.

Baek Il-seop said about his first granddaughter, “Even when I went to France for ‘Grandpas Over Flowers,’ I kept calling her because I wanted to see her.” The daughter said, “Dad’s phone background photo was Siyeon. “I recognized Siyeon after seeing a cell phone photo taken briefly at the daycare center,” he said. The granddaughter said, “Our math teacher also said he knew. “They ask me what kind of person my grandfather is,” he said proudly.
Father and daughter Baek Il-seop, separated for 7 years, conflict breaks out again
Father and daughter Baek Il-seop, separated for 7 years, conflict breaks out again
The warm atmosphere was short-lived, and the temperature difference between father and daughter was revealed again as the whole family watched the drama starring Baek Il-seop together. The daughter said with a complicated expression, “I have hardly ever watched my dad’s dramas. I couldn't see it. They all come off as very gentle dads. Because it’s so different at home. It was disgusting to go out and show kindness. “I think I didn’t like the fact that I was so different when I was young,” he confessed. Baek Il-seop could not hide his bitter expression when he saw that, and said in an interview, “Because the goals were piled up like that. “I don’t remember watching TV together in the living room while we were living together,” he said.

When Baek Il-seop's drunken act came out, the daughter said, "When my father came home after drinking, he often gave me pocket money. It was the only happy moment I had with my dad. Money isn't good, and when you drink alcohol, you either get really angry or you feel good. If I felt good, I felt good too. “I remembered that I was safe today,” he recalled.

In response, Baek Il-seop said, “I feel bad. I'm not that bad. “That’s how it appeared in his eyes,” he said. “I think I’ll have to meet him once and explain that I had no choice but to do that. “I feel like I have to hold on and talk about it,” he said in disappointment.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google