BBGIRLS Yujeong "My photo is used for deepfake"
BBGIRLS Yujeong "My photo is used for deepfake"
Group BBGIRLS members Minyoung and Yujeong participated in a lecture related to memory.

Minyoung and Yoojeong appeared as panelists on tvN STORY's 'Everyday Knowledge: How Adults' aired on the 13th and had an opportunity to learn about 'our memories'.

On this day, Hwang Min-gu, a legal video analysis expert, gave a lecture on the topic, ‘Why do we fight with memories?’ Discussion continued, including what memory is and what problems memory errors cause in criminal cases. In particular, Min-young and Yoo-jeong could not help but be shocked by the various cases of crimes where the truth was distorted by relying on memories.

Minyoung and Yujeong actively participated in the quiz prepared to test their memory. To the question, "In which hand does Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who is located in Gwanghwamun, hold the sword?", the two responded enthusiastically, relying on memory, while also expressing surprise at the correct answer that was different from memory.

Regarding the deepfake crime, Yoojeong said, "I found out through a tip from an acquaintance that my photo was being used for deepfake. I felt bad. I think it is a situation in which anyone, woman or man, can be harmed. I wonder if legal punishment is possible." I confessed it. He also asked a delicate question, “Is there a way to verify the authenticity of deepfakes that are abused for crime?”

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google