Sleepy "My wife is pregnant, but she doesn't show that she's having a hard time."
Sleepy "My wife is pregnant, but she doesn't show that she's having a hard time."
Sleepy, who becomes a father in March, meets Jun-beom and reveals a weak body worthy of the name 'paper man'.

The 514th episode of KBS2's entertainment show 'Shoodol', which will be aired on the 13th, is a 'Childcare expert has appeared' episode and will feature narration by So Yoo-jin and Max Chang-min. Among them, Sleepy and Ayumi, who are each about to give birth to their children this year, meet Jason and Junbeom. Sleepy and Ayumi raise curiosity by saying that they are going through the difficult experience of raising children while taking care of Junbeom without Jay.

On this day, Sleepy and Ayumi try to put a crying Junbeom to sleep. Sleepy hugs Junbeom and closes his eyes tightly as he faces a difficult task for new parents. Ayumi said, “I’ll look it up on my phone,” and tried all the ways to put a baby to sleep posted on the Internet. Sleepy suddenly apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry, Mr. Man,” and makes everyone laugh.

In the midst of this, Sleepy shows the essence of a weak ‘paper man’. Sleepy said, “I couldn’t hold on to Junbeom for about 3 minutes. It's too heavy. “What should I do with my arm muscles?” he said, unable to withstand the weight of 17-month-old Junbeom. Furthermore, Sleepy falls into the cycle of endless hugs when Junbeom cries, and adds laughter as he realizes the seriousness of his weak body, saying, “I thought it was a joke when people told me to exercise.”

Sleepy takes on the challenge of wearing a maternity suit. Sleepy's hands are shaking as soon as she puts on the pregnancy trial clothes, and she is surprised at how difficult it is to even lie down. Sleepy said, “My wife was pregnant, but she didn’t show any signs of distress. I think I understand a little bit. “It will change,” he said with a firm promise. It is said that after taking care of Jun-beom without Jay, Sleepy ended up lying on his back on the floor and declared a knockdown, causing laughter.

Meanwhile, Sleepy recently appeared on 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center' and said, "As the salty character disappeared, there was no more broadcasting. At the beginning of last year, I earned 0 won." He also mentioned the legal battle with his former agency and said, "The biggest difficulty is that it has been 6 years since the lawsuit. Every time there is a trial, it is very difficult. There is money I have to pay to the court and money I have to pay to the lawyer. I have no income, but it feels like everyone is only looking at me. “I have a feeling,” he said, saying he was in the middle of a lawsuit worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google