Han Ga-in fills Baek Jong-won's vacancy
Han Ga-in fills Baek Jong-won's vacancy
tvN's entertainment show 'Europe Outside the Tent - Southern France' was organized as a follow-up to 'Business Genius White Sand Beach 2'.

'Europe Outside the Tent', which will be aired for the first time on the 18th, is a healing camping entertainment program that travels around Europe in a free way, using camping sites instead of hotels, rental cars instead of trains, and local supermarkets instead of restaurants. This season, which heads to the South of France, will showcase the chemistry of female cast members for the first time ever.

The highlight video released this time is raising expectations by foreshadowing the foursome's wild camping experience in southern France, where the wonders of nature and fairytale-like beauty coexist. In particular, attention is being drawn to the introduction of four characters with four different colors, which is heightening curiosity even before the first broadcast.

Ra Mi-ran, a self-proclaimed camping expert, is the 'spearhead' and 'head of the Dasikwon' of this camping, and offers enjoyment by opening 'Camping Dasikwon-Southern France branch' where an uninterrupted feast of camping dishes will unfold. Han Ga-in is a character who will make viewers laugh as a clear-eyed madwoman on this journey. It is said that he started out as a camping fanatic, but once he learned it, he was able to do it quickly. The sloppy aspect of enjoying the great outdoors with slippers is also a series of twists and turns.

Jo Bo-ah, the only F (empathetic) member among the members, exudes her unique lovely charm as a 'flirting fairy'. In the released highlight video, Jo Bo-ah, a 'flirting master', is shown targeting the members of the impregnable T (Thinking Type) members, making people laugh. Although he is a beginner at camping and is clumsy at everything from lighting a burner, he plans to make viewers smile as a positive camper who knows how to enjoy his 'first time'. The performance of Ryu Hye-young, who will embellish her charm as ‘Free-spirited Sprout Camper’, is also an expected point that cannot be overlooked. A new character is introduced, a free spirit who often lies down on the floor and enjoys every moment.

'Europe Outside the Tent - Southern France' is scheduled to visit viewers with a real-life camping story of real women full of fun and rawness. Even though they are very different, the four of them are always together, so expectations are growing for their camping trip in the South of France.

A tvN official said, "'Outside the Tent is European Southern France' will be broadcast as a follow-up to 'Business Genius White Sand Beach 2'. The exciting fun of K-camping, full of energy and laughter, will unfold against the backdrop of southern France, full of romance." If the 'genius' Baek Jong-won provided excitement by showing off his unique business secrets and colorful Korean dishes, this time, led by camping expert Ra Mi-ran, the four people's chemistry and camping food reminiscent of a hotel course meal are shown. He raised expectations by saying, “It will add to the fun.”

'Europe Outside the Tent - Southern France' will be aired for the first time on the 18th at 7:40 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google