‘Active King of Singers’ Jeon Yu-jin did it
‘Active King of Singers’ Jeon Yu-jin did it
Jeon Yu-jin won the first round of the finals by an overwhelming margin.

The 11th episode of MBN's entertainment show 'King of Active Singers', which aired on the 6th, recorded the highest viewership rating of 17.2% and a nationwide viewership rating of 16.1%. On this day's broadcast, the TOP 10 'active singers' selected through the semi-finals, Kang Hye-yeon, Kim Da-hyun, Kim Yang, Lin, Maria, Maijin, Park Hye-shin, Byulsarang, Yoon Su-hyun, and Jeon Yu-jin, were shown entering the long-awaited finals to become the national TOP7. .

The first round of the finals was 'National Team Special Move - Battle to Retake 1st Place', in which 10 active players proved their qualifications for the national team with their special moves, pushed out other active players, and took the first place crown. The total score for the first and second rounds of the final is 5,000 points, and on-site voting points are allocated as 1,100 points for the first round and 2,200 points for the second round. In addition, starting from the second round, the real-time text voting score is out of 2000 points, the online cheering vote score is out of 500 points, and the new song sound source score is out of 300 points. Among the 10 active warriors, who will be the TOP7 who will participate in the 2024 'Trot Korea-Japan War' has raised expectations for the birth of the first 'King of Active Singers'.

In particular, active players were even more excited by the news that 100 additional benefit points would be awarded to active players who took first place in the first round of 'National University Special Moves 1st Place Recapture Battle'. The first stage protagonist, Yang Kim, was a candidate for elimination in the semi-finals, but was saved by the selection of the national judges. Yang Kim chose 'Millennium Studies' and showed her enthusiasm by visiting the original composer, Kim Yong-im, and even receiving one-on-one coaching. However, Joo Hyun-mi advised her to approach it with more enthusiasm, saying, "I cannot convey the emotion from the heart," and Yang Kim scored 649 points. I received a disappointing score.
‘Active King of Singers’ Jeon Yu-jin did it
‘Active King of Singers’ Jeon Yu-jin did it
Maria selected Kim Yong-im's 'Bing Bing Bing' while performing a K-bending as her national team special move. Maria's sincerity in interpreting the lyrics, checking pronunciation, and even memorizing the meaning of the song made people exclaim, "She's good at breaking it!" Before Maria's score was announced, 'middle first place' Yang Kim appeared again to push out the loser with the lower score among the two, causing everyone's tension to peak. In the end, Maria turned around bitterly, receiving 623 points, which was lower than Ms. Kim.

Yoon Soo-hyun chose Kim Yeon-ja's 'World Boss' and used the K-Heung special move. Yoon Soo-hyun set up a stage worthy of a runaway locomotive, not only detailing the loincloth worn by a wrestler but also performing a world-class performance using dancers as flower palanquins. On a stage that only Yoon Soo-hyun could do, the masters said, “The song selection was very good. He praised the performance, saying, “It was the best performance so far,” and eventually succeeded in reclaiming the throne with 814 points.

Detail expert Byeolsarang chose Kim Chung-hoon's 'I'm Angry About Getting Old', which can express the charm of the mid-low voice, which is a special move. Star Love captivated the audience by completing a leisurely stage with the words, “It seems like our sincerity is becoming more common as the rounds go by,” in response to taking the top 4th place in the last cheering vote. Myeong-seon Yoon commented, “I always felt anxious, but today’s performance seemed so comfortable that my mental muscles seemed to have strengthened,” but Star Love received 715 points and unfortunately failed to regain first place.

Kang Hye-yeon selected Nam In-su's 'Crying and Worn Busan Port', an authentic trot song that is her special move. In particular, Kang Hye-yeon attracted attention by going back to the beginning and taking lessons from her teacher, composer Kim Jeong-hoon, when she first entered traditional trot. Kang Hye-yeon completed the old trot, which involved countless breaks, with all her might, but Seol Woon-do said, “I was a little disappointed today,” and pointed out Kang Hye-yeon’s unique habit of raising her voice. In the end, she received 667 points, a feat that allowed Yoon Soo-hyun to keep her throne. brought about

Lin, who said that she lives in Jeju Island because she loves Jeju Island, said, “I thought it was important to sing a song that the speaker likes,” and chose Golden Heart’s ‘Samdado News’. Lin was praised for once again creating the 'Lin-style trot' with his unique, nasally sound special move. At this time, Seol Woon-do suddenly asked a question, “Are you going to continue trotting?” and Lin answered “Yes!” in a 1-second cut. Seol Woon-do said, "Why did you ask? It's a shame that people will just let go of their sorrow and go back to the original genre," and Shin Dong-yeop emphasized, "There is no reason not to do it after being the active king of singers." However, Lin's score was 708, and Yoon Soo-hyun set a record of three consecutive wins.

Maijin declared that he would show off his cider voice with Jinseong’s ‘coin life’ and also strengthened his will to “do my best to become a national representative.” My Jin's popularity was on the rise with a flawlessly clean stage, with accurate pitches, explosive high notes, and even sharp dancing. Seol Woon-do said, "My ears were pierced while listening to My Jin's song. “I think it would be good if it just goes on like this,” he said. In the end, Maijin received 855 points, stopping Yoon Soo-hyun's collapse and reclaiming the throne.

Before competing in the finals, Hye-shin Park met her older sister, who served as her manager for 10 years, and cried as she recalled the days of obscurity and hardships together, making the tip of her nose wrinkle. Park Hye-shin chose Gye Eun-sook's 'Portrait of Rain' as a special move based on her 16 years of experience, and completed an absorbing stage where her husky voice shined. Namjin said, “You can’t ignore age,” and “The song is deep. “I can feel the passage of time,” he said, raising his thumb. Park Hye-shin received a whopping 880 points, once again breaking the highest score of the day.

Kim Da-hyeon, the golden youngest member of the 'Active King of Singers' with a total personal video view count of 10 million, chose Kang Jin's 'Brush', a Korean traditional music genre song, saying, "It's my background and the genre I've been doing from the beginning." Da-Hyun Kim displayed her skills for the second time in her life with a stage that literally resembled an ink painting, as if she were painting with a brush. Lee Ji-hye praised him, saying, “It’s amazing how richly he expresses himself by going back and forth between his voice and his sincerity,” and Daesung also said, “I want to applaud his courage in choosing such an enormous song.” However, Dahyun Kim had to swallow her disappointment after receiving 754 points.

Lastly, Jeon Yu-jin, who came in first place in the last semi-final and the undisputed first place in the public support vote, Kim Da-hyun, also set a record of exceeding 10 million personal video views. Jeon Yu-jin expressed the burden of saying, “If I make even the slightest mistake while practicing, I quickly become depressed and feel self-destructive,” but showed a resolute attitude, saying, “Nevertheless, I will create a stage that satisfies myself without greed.” Jeon Yu-jin boasted the calm and deep singing skills of an emotional craftsman with Lee Jeong-ok's 'The Sound of the Hidden Crying Wind'. Ji-hye Lee said, “Just like the title of the song, I feel moved because I think that Yu-jin is always working hard while crying in secret,” and Yu-jin Jeon seemed to have found comfort in sympathy and ended up shedding tears, breaking the hearts of the viewers. Jeon Yu-jin received a whopping 902 points and was the only one among the 10 to exceed 900 points. In addition, she earned 1002 points, adding 100 points for the first place benefit.

As a result of the first round of the finals, the intermediate rankings for the finals were determined in the order of Jeon Yu-jin, Park Hye-shin, Mai Jin, Yoon Su-hyun, Kim Da-hyun, Byulsarang, Lin, Kang Hye-yeon, Kim Yang-Maria. A whopping 3,900 points are at stake in the second round of the finals, which will be broadcast live next week, enough to turn the game around. Interest in who will take the TOP 7 honors has surged thanks to the 'active worker's' determination to control their condition by focusing until the end.

The final episode of ‘Active King of Singer’ will be broadcast at 9:40 pm on February 13th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google