Lee Ki-woo, Flirting 9-headed body
Lee Ki-woo, Flirting 9-headed body
Lee Ki-woo of ‘Flowers that Bloom at Night’ is showing off his strong presence and is being loved by viewers.

In MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Flowers that Bloom at Night' (planned by Namgoong Seong-woo / produced by Kim Jeong-mi / directed by Jang Tae-yu, Choi Jeong-in, Lee Chang-woo / written by Lee Saem, Jeong Myeong-in / produced by Base Story, Film Draw, Saram Entertainment), he played the role of Park Yun-hak, a Joseon version of a long-legged uncle. She exudes a reassuring charm and is playing the essential role of licorice.

Lee Ki-woo, who is doing his first historical drama challenge flawlessly, looked at three of Park Yoon-hak's charm points that are imbuing viewers.

#Soft charisma, the personification of reliability

The first charm is Park Yoon-hak’s strength amidst his softness. Park Yoon-hak, who shows a gentle and benevolent side with his upright attitude and tone of voice, is giving a small sense of excitement through his level of extroversion and introspection, where he doesn't get distracted and makes a point without being distracted even in front of people who are in conflict with him, such as his left counterpart Seok Ji-seong (played by Kim Sang-joong). .

Also, Park Yoon-hak, who exudes a reassuring aura as he is the only character that King Lee So (played by Heo Jeong-do) trusts, treats his younger brother Park Soo-ho (played by Lee Jong-won) coldly due to his overflowing worries, but is attracting attention with his tsundere brotherhood that quietly helps him both materially and spiritually. In addition, the scene where he maintains composure even when a knife is held to his throat and does not say anything about the things he must protect clearly shows Park Yoon-hak's softness and strength.

#A flawless leftist, turns out to be a master of flirting

Next, Park Yoon-hak is showing off his unique charm through his chemistry with Jo Yeo-hwa (Lee Honey)'s right-hand man, Yeon-seon (Park Se-hyun). Park Yoon-hak, who became strangely interested in the bold and bold Yeon-seon after meeting her by chance at a bookstore, suddenly appears wherever Yeon-seon is and not only treats her kindly with a smiling face, but also buys her the item she was planning to buy as a gift and takes a hand in her drunken body. The kindness towards Yeon-seon, such as holding her with a hand, is making the viewer's heart flutter.

In particular, in the 7th and 8th episodes of the drama that aired on the 2nd and 3rd, Park Yoon-hak saved Yeon-seon from a crisis and at the same time pushed each other as they misunderstood that they were interested in someone else, which made it even more fun and attracted attention.

#Perfect 9-head body! Dopo Fit turns every place you walk into a runway.

Lastly, the charm of Park Yoon-hak portrayed by Lee Ki-woo is his perfect application fit. Lee Ki-woo, who perfectly masters the application of various colors with the official uniform in the play, boasts an extraordinary application fit with his trademark tall figure and broad shoulders. Park Yoon-hak's appearance, with his cool steps, doubles his strong and strong charm, attracting even more attention.

In this way, Lee Ki-woo deliciously shows off Park Yoon-hak's diverse charms, while also making a strong presence through delicate and dense acting that enhances immersion in the flow of the play and chemistry with the characters. MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Flowers that Bloom at Night' airs every Friday, It airs at 9:50 PM on Saturdays.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google