Drama 'Captivating the King' actor Jo Jung-seok, fiercely sharp eyes
Drama 'Captivating the King' actor Jo Jung-seok, fiercely sharp eyes
Actor Jo Jung-seok of the tvN drama 'Captivating the King' shows a chillingly cold face.

In episodes 5 and 6, Lee In (Jo Jeong-seok), who became king, showed a fierce and sharp appearance. He held a competition to select Gi Dae-ryeong, a government official who would come and play baduk with him whenever he was called, and found out that Kang Hee-soo (Shin Se-kyung), who he thought was dead, had applied for the Gi Dae-ryeong exam under the name Kang Mong-woo.

Yi-in looks at Kang Hee-su, who first entered the palace as Gi Gi-ryeong, as if he was measuring him, and then harshly confronts him and asks why he came back. When Kang Hee-soo, frozen by tension, could not answer, he showed a cold attitude, saying, "You came for revenge. You have a plan to kill me. Is that true?" Three years ago, Hong Jang-man refused his request to save his life, so he returned with treason.

Although Lee In consistently had a harsh attitude towards Kang Hee-su, he decided to keep her by his side and said that he would become his ally. After rejecting the conciliation and tactics of the Queen Mother Park (Jang Yeong-nam), Lee In said to Kang Hee-soo, who said to rely on him to avoid the aftermath, "Do you still want that from me? Don't worry, you are Gi Dae-ryeong and my person. You have faithfully kept your commandments. So, I will protect you too,” he said, giving off a strange vibe.

tvN's 'Captivating the King' is a Lunar New Year special and will be broadcast at 9:20 PM on the 7th episode on February 9th, the 8th episode on the 10th, and the 9th and 10th episodes on the 11th.

Ten Asia Reporter Lee Ha-neul greenworld@tenasia.co.kr translated by google