Park Ji-hoon of two personalities, coexistence or sacrifice
Park Ji-hoon of two personalities, coexistence or sacrifice
Fantasy historical drama romance ‘Fantasy Sonata’ has reached a turning point.

KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Fantasy Sonata', which aired episodes 8 and 9 on the 29th and 30th of last month, is showing off its true value as a fantasy historical drama romance by providing exciting romance and breathtaking tension at the same time.

Although they have finally confirmed their feelings for each other, the love triangle between Sajo Hyeon (played by Park Ji-hoon), Yeon Wol (played by Hong Ye-ji), and the king's second personality, Ak-hee (played by Park Ji-hoon), who are facing a completely different threat than before, comes into focus. It caused immersion. In addition, the sharp power struggle unfolding over the throne also adds to the dramatic fun. Accordingly, we pointed out the points to watch in the second half of ‘Fantasy Sonata’, which will be a dopamine stimulant in the small screen.

Sajo Hyeon and Akhee, their choice is coexistence or one person’s sacrifice?

The change in the relationship between Sajo Hyun and Akhee, who have hated each other for a long time, is the best point to watch in 'Fantasy Sonata'. Although they are two personalities in one body, they have conflicting temperaments, and have been in conflict for a long time, taking over the other's body while they are asleep and acting against each other's interests.

Furthermore, they became romantic enemies as they both fell in love with the same woman at the same time, but in the 9th episode, Sa Jo Hyeon reached out and suggested, "I'm not going to hold back anymore and I'm going to sleep with you, so why don't we share this body?" . As the two once hostile people begin to treat each other amicably, one wonders whether those trapped in the shackles of dual personalities will find the key to coexistence.

What will be the end of this dangerous love triangle after confirming his true feelings?

Sajo-hyeon and Ak-hee appeared alternately in front of Yeonwol and began to become entangled in a complex relationship with her. Instead of Akhee, who fell in love with her at first sight and courted her without hesitation, Yeonwol chose Sajo-hyeon, who had gradually become infatuated with her.

Akhui was also very frustrated after confirming Yeonwol's feelings, and decided to give himself up to Sajo Hyeon and leave forever. Attention is being paid to whether Ak-hee, the main character of this heartbreaking story of pure love, will hide himself forever for the woman he loves, and whether Yeon-wol's feelings for Sajo-hyeon will remain unwavering and will remain with him until the end.

Who is the final villain of the Joseon Dynasty, Jung-Geumhwa, who reveals the true face of desire?

Sajo Yung (played by Hwang Hee), the illegitimate son of the previous king and the half-brother of Sajo Hyeon, began to freely reveal his hidden desires after losing the throne. In the last broadcast, it was shocking to see that he not only tried to capture public sentiment by spreading false rumors among the people, but also secretly communicated with them by offering women to neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, Sajo Hyeon's wife, Geumhwa (played by Jiwoo), has also been interfering with the love between the two by constantly keeping Yeonwol in check to preserve her position. Attention is focused on who will be the final villain among Sajo's Yung and Geumhwa, and whether Sajo's Hyeon, Yeonwol, and Akhee will be able to get a happy ending amidst their evil deeds.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google