Lee Seung-gi and Kyuhyun appear in 'Singer Gain 3' spin-off
Lee Seung-gi and Kyuhyun appear in 'Singer Gain 3' spin-off
JTBC's 'Singer Gain Season 3 - Unknown Singer' TOP 7 (Hong Lee-sak, Soo-bin Soo, Ezel, Shin Hae-sol, Ri-jin, Kang Sung-hee, Chu Seung-yeop) return in a new spin-off program with Lee Seung-gi and Kyuhyun.

On February 1, JTBC reported this news. 'Singer Gain Season 3 - Unknown Singer Competition (hereinafter referred to as Singer Gain 3)', which ended on the 18th of last month, had a highest viewership rating of 8.5% (based on paid households in the metropolitan area according to Nielsen Korea), accumulated views on YouTube replay exceeded 10 million, and a new song mission sound source for the first round of the finals. It was ranked in Melon's TOP 100 and received great love due to explosive viewership ratings and topicality throughout the airing, creating a new TOP 7.

In addition, all 10,000 tickets for the '2024 Singer Gain 3 Top 10 National Tour - Seoul' held in March were sold out within 10 minutes, proving the explosive interest that continues even after the end of the show, and the TOP 7 of 'Singer Gain 3' is receiving a new spin. Return to off-program.

Not only Kyuhyun, who has been very active as the head of the junior judges since Season 1 and participated in the previous season's spin-off, but also Lee Seung-gi, a pro of 'Singer Gain' who cried and laughed with unknown singers, joined as MC, heralding the birth of a reality music program that communicates with the public. did.

Expectations are high on what kind of collaboration Lee Seung-gi and Kyuhyun, the two greats who have been together in the previous season of 'Singer Gain' and brought viewers to laughter and excitement with their amazing chemistry, will show this time. In addition, the fresh chemistry between entertainment experts Lee Seung-gi and Kyuhyun and the TOP 7 entertainment beginners who were thrown off stage is also one of the expected points to watch.

JTBC's 'Singer Gain 3' spin-off program, which will be presented by the 'Singer Gain' production team, will be broadcast in early March.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google