Groom-to-be Lee Sang-yeop "My heart was moved"
Groom-to-be Lee Sang-yeop "My heart was moved"
Lee Sang-yeop, as a 'taster', gives out useful tips for finding local restaurants while traveling abroad.

Channel S's original entertainment program 'Map to Go Back' will air its 95th episode at 8 PM today (1st). ‘Dashigaljido’, which won first place at the 2023 Channel S Awards, is getting a new makeover. In order to provide more powerful fun and fresh attractions, the renewed 'Dasigaljido' further strengthens the existing battle format and introduces the travel courses of three proxy travelers each under one theme, Shinyoung Kim, Seokhoon Lee, and Taeseong Choi. It is designed as a 'proxy traveler travel battle' to select the best proxy travel plan, acting as a support person recommending each trip.

The theme of the first 'Proxy Traveler Travel Battle', which will be broadcast today (1st), is a travel battle of 'performance ratio (time)', a hot keyword for overseas travel in 2024, and will introduce travel courses in Singapore, Thailand, and Japan. Among these, proxy traveler 'Flower Sister' selects only the best courses suitable for a 'city-friendly travel' with all routes within a 1-hour radius, while also capturing a new side of 'Singapore' that has never been seen before. From Hongrim Hawker Center, a street restaurant where you can taste a variety of foods in one place, to a new travel destination and Asia's largest new park opened in 2023, your online travel is filled with unique attractions. In addition, it offers a night view tour where you can enjoy Asia's largest Ferris wheel privately with a cocktail for only 80,000 won, adding more glamor to your Singapore online trip.

Lee Sang-yeop, a member of 'Taste Good' who travels online in the studio, revealed his own method of finding good restaurants while traveling abroad. Lee Sang-yeop, who is a self-proclaimed travel enthusiast, confessed, “My heart was touched” after watching Flower Sister’s gastronomic tour of Singapore, raising curiosity about online travel. Lee Sang-yeop continued, “Whenever I travel overseas, I always stop by a Korean restaurant. “Because the water and ingredients are different in each country, even the same Korean food tastes very different,” he said, giving unique tips befitting a gourmet, making online travel even more enriching.

You can find out what 'Singapore', a travel destination with perfect time efficiency that touched the heart of travel enthusiast Lee Sang-yeop, is like in the 'City Cost Travel Battle' episode of 'Map to Go Back' at 8 pm today (1st).

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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