Kian 84 and Lee Jang-woo washed their hair in the cat bathtub
Kian 84 and Lee Jang-woo washed their hair in the cat bathtub
Kian 84, Lee Jang-woo, and Kim Dae-ho are attracting attention as they become a friendly 'three gray brothers' who dye their hair with each other.

Kian 84 and Lee Jang-woo appear on MBC's entertainment show 'I Live Alone', which will air on the 2nd. Part 2 of the ‘Hojanggi’ meeting with Dae-ho Kim will be revealed.

Continuing from last week, Kian 84, Lee Jang-woo, and Kim Dae-ho will compete in 'Hojangmacha Season 3', ranging from wood-fired pizza to ramen. Kian 84, who was already full, surprised Lee Jang-woo and Kim Dae-ho by opening his mouth as if he had never done that before. The appearance of 'Mukbang 84', which cleans even the ramen soup, makes people laugh.

Kian 84, Jang-woo Lee, and Dae-ho Kim become more intimate with men's stories about their lives, including military stories. While talking about the military, one more thing that Kian 84 and Kim Dae-ho have in common is discovered. The fighting days of Lee Jang-woo, who began his career as an actor under the influence of his singer cousin Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky), are also revealed. Lee Jang-woo, who is confident that he is “a KAIST with a food mind”, is fascinated by the charm of palm oil, and his brothers empathize with it.

Kian84 said, “I think we become closer when we all dye our hair together,” and prepared dyeing tools. Kian84, Jangwoo Lee, and Daeho Kim sit in the living room of 'Daeho House' wearing plastic clothes and start dyeing their gray hair at the same time. The scene evokes laughter as it reminds us of the social activities of monkeys picking their fur. Curiosity is focused on the dyeing results of the three gray brothers.

Daeho Kim also opens ‘Daeho Salon’. Using cat Nana's bathtub to wash Kian 84 and Lee Jang-woo's hair. The pose of the plaster crime of kneeling and lowering the upper body from the living room to the bathroom makes people laugh. Kim Dae-ho seemed immersed in the situational drama by asking, “Are you cool, customer?” It is said that Kian84 and Lee Jang-woo were very satisfied with the gentle touch of ‘Director Daeho’.

The scene where Kian 84, Lee Jang-woo, and Kim Dae-ho strengthen their friendship by dyeing each other's hair can be seen through 'I Live Alone', which airs at 11:10 pm on the 2nd.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google