Kim Shin-rok opens up about nude filming
Kim Shin-rok opens up about nude filming
Actor Kim Shin-rok honestly opened up about everything from nude filming to his love story with his husband.

In the 852nd episode of MBC's 'Radio Star' (hereinafter referred to as 'Las'), which aired on January 31, Lee Eun-mi, Kim Joo-ryeong, Kim Shin-rok, and ITZY's Yuna appeared as a special feature 'Now, soon it will be spicy'.

On this day, Kim Shin-rok mentioned the resurrection scene in which he acted naked in the Netflix original series 'Hell'. He said, "The choreographer did the transition from the remains to the human body, and then I acted after I became the human body. I actually took off everything."

He continued, "It was Director Yeon Sang-ho's first time filming naked. I took off my clothes and lay down to film, and he said 'Okay' very quickly." He continued, "The director later said, 'It's my first time doing something like this, and I don't want to do something like this.' He almost said, 'I won't see it.' “He did it at the same level,” he recalled.

Kim Shin-rok said that he met a real shaman to play a shaman in the drama 'Method' and said, "He rented a practice room for a few days and taught me a ritual. They say that if you do something like that, you can get possessed on the spot. I was scared, but when I went to practice, it was so hard that I couldn't be possessed by a ghost. "There was none. I only played for about 3 minutes, but I was almost in a groggy state. I almost got carried away in a taxi," he said.
Kim Shin-rok opens up about nude filming
Kim Shin-rok opens up about nude filming
Kim Shin-rok, who graduated from the Department of Geography at Seoul National University, said, "There are only four daughters in my family. I am the second child, and when I heard my sister memorize the multiplication table, I also memorized it with my ears. When my sister memorized the 4th step, I went to the 5th step. I studied at that time because I had fun with it. “I liked it, so I did well in school,” he said.

Kim Shin-rok made people laugh by saying that even though he majored in geography, it was not helpful in his daily life, saying, "I'm not good at reading maps. I keep running the map app to check it."

Kim Shin-rok also revealed her love story with her husband, Park Kyeong-chan, whom she met at a theater workshop and eventually married. He said, "We broke up after 3 days of dating. I was in a relationship for 8 and a half years and broke up about 23 times. Then I got married and have been living for 7 or 8 years. When I was in a relationship, there was no one I couldn't get my hands on, but he was the only person I couldn't." “My brother is the type that doesn’t say anything, and I’m the type that lets it all out until the end,” he explained.

He added, "We broke up right before we got married. A month later, my brother came to me and said, 'Let's not just break up, let's get married.'"

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google