Ahn Bo-hyun personally recruited Baek Jong-won
Ahn Bo-hyun personally recruited Baek Jong-won
Ahn Bo-hyun updated his career as a character in just two episodes of 'Chaebol

According to the SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'Chaebol ‘Chaebol

It received attention even before its first broadcast, starting with the success story of SBS Friday-Saturday Cider Hero dramas that continued with the dramas 'The Fiery Priest', 'The Thousand-Won Lawyer', 'Model Taxi', and 'One the Woman'. Among them, Ahn Bo-hyun's acting in water is attracting attention. Ahn Bo-hyun played the role of Jin Yi-soo, a third-generation childish tycoon who loves having fun and a parachute detective, and made an ambitious bid as the SBS Cider Hero along with Kim Nam-gil, Namgoong Min, and Lee Je-hoon. And now that episode 2 has been aired, the expectations pouring in for Ahn Bo-hyun have turned into pleasant positive reviews.

In episodes 1 and 2 of 'Chaebol In the process, Jin Isu calls a luxurious catering service to the lobby of the police station, uses 'police chief's chance' to deal with the pouring of reports, makes people laugh by making a mockery of appearing at the crime scene on a private yacht, and attracts many of his followers. He uses it to find a missing elderly person with a single SNS feed, and provides exhilarating fun by entering a private club that cannot be entered without a warrant with a free pass and catching a suspect in a case.

Among these, Ahn Bo-hyun succeeded in creating the so-called 'king-like but cute third-generation tycoon' by incorporating humor and subtle kindness into a character that could easily be seen as obnoxious. In addition, the dynamic actions that took advantage of his boxer background and his skillful yacht driving skills brought out the charm of the versatile Munchkin hero character, drawing favorable reviews from viewers. Moreover, the fixed all-back hairstyle called ‘Tanghulu hair’ has already become his trademark.

Meanwhile, behind the positive response from viewers toward Ahn Bo-hyun, Ahn Bo-hyun's extraordinary efforts to embody the character are hidden. Ahn Bo-hyun obtained a yacht rowing license on the Han River last summer in order to show himself driving a yacht before filming the yacht scene that appeared in episode 2 and attracted a lot of attention. Also, it is rumored that the proof shot with Baek Jong-won, who made a surprise appearance in episode 1, 'Jin Yi-soo's SNS', was also the result of Ahn Bo-hyun personally recruiting Baek Jong-won to make the scene more interesting. In addition, Ahn Bo-hyun used an entire can of spray to set the hair each time to create the 'Tanghulu hair' that gives the character's appearance a cheerful and humorous look. There is even a small story told about how she performed with two strands of bangs attached to her right eyebrow, eliciting admiration and pleasant laughter.

Attention is being paid to what kind of performance Ahn Bo-hyun, the 'new hero of SBS Friday-Saturday dramas', will show in the future in 'Chaebol

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google