Groom-to-be Lee Sang-yeop had a crazy gaming party in Greece with his colleagues.
Groom-to-be Lee Sang-yeop had a crazy gaming party in Greece with his colleagues.
Making friends around the world through K-games 'I Am Ground' held a 'big hit

In 'I Am Ground', which aired simultaneously on ENA Channel and Channel S on the 30th, a group of four 'Heungik Humans' were depicted who invited Greek friends they had become close with while traveling around Athens last week, played a lot of Korean 'fun games', and shared friendship. . Before the party, the four people who were heading to the Acropolis, the symbol of Athens, encountered a group of Korean tourists. To the four people who shyly greeted each other, four middle-aged Korean women shouted, "Aren't you a celebrity? Gwanghee?" Hwang Kwang-hee couldn't hide his excitement at being recognized, saying, "My name came up first!" And in response to Gwanghee's suggestion, "There is no rope right now, but CG is amazing these days," a bout of 'invisible rope jumping' broke out. The four 'Heungik Ingan' members, four Korean tourists, and even a local who suddenly burst in joined in and showed off their chemistry even when the rope was not visible, successfully performing 'invisible rope jumping'.

Next, the four arrived at 'Acropolis', which is considered the greatest building and work of art left behind by ancient Greece. Lee Sang-yeop, who led the way with a Greek information notebook prepared in advance for his younger brothers, explained everything from the statue of Menander, the father of modern Western comedy, to the reason why the Acropolis, which served as a fortress during war, was built on a high hill, and that although it is a straight line when viewed from afar, it is curved when viewed up close. He played the role of a guide by reciting historical knowledge of Greece and information on historical sites, including the hidden secrets of the Parthenon. Hwang Kwang-hee was impressed, saying, “Why are you explaining things so well? It’s different from when you play games.” Son Dong-pyo praised him, saying, “He’s so cool. He’s the ‘guy with a sexy brain’ itself.” Lee Sang-yeop was proud of his younger siblings' praise, saying, "I have to say this to get paid for my appearance." At this time, foreign fans who recognized Kim Min-gyu from 'In-House Confrontation' started talking to him. In response to Hwang Gwang-hee's question, "What is the difference between Min-gyu in the drama and Min-gyu in real life?", a foreign fan expressed his fanaticism by saying, "He is cuter in real life." He also complained about the frustration of being a 'Jjin Celadon', saying, "The final ending was disappointing. Why don't they know that they like each other?"

The four people who moved to the party venue prepared to greet the guests by wearing matching group T-shirts with the words ‘First’, ‘Second’, ‘Third’, and ‘Makkung’ written on them. While preparing traditional Korean snacks and welcome drinks ranging from sesame gangjeong and scorched rice to yakgwa, Lee Sang-yeop said, "It's exciting to invite people." As the party time approached, guests arrived one after another. The 'K-POP' girls who met at Syntagma Square, Jo, Ana, and Vasiliki, led the group, and Marianna and Nefeli, fans of Paul and Kim Min-gyu, who met at Monastiraki Square, also visited the party. A total of eight friends, including Eleni and Harris, who met by chance at a restaurant and said, "I learned 'I Am Ground' after watching 'Blackpink'," visited the party.

The crazy ‘Athens Party Time’ has finally begun in earnest. Everyone successfully introduced themselves as 'I Am Ground' at once without any hesitation, giving off the feeling of perfect 'K-game' experts. The first game was the ‘Red Ginseng Game’, a pointing game. During a fierce battle over wit, a finger disappeared, and Min-gyu Kim was pointed out as the culprit. Embarrassed, Kim Min-gyu protested, saying, “Why me?”, but was penalized with ‘Korean rice’ by his determined friends. However, after checking with VAR, it turned out that the culprit was Nefeli, who did not see that he had been singled out, and Min-gyu Kim complained of injustice.

From the second game, a team competition was held featuring Korean food such as tteokbokki, japchae, and bulgogi. Lee Sang-yeop, Hwang Kwang-hee, Ana, Harris, Vasiliki, and Eleni became the blue team, and Kim Min-gyu, Son Dong-pyo, Paul, Nefeli, Cho, and Marianna became the red team. The first round game involving tteokbokki was a 'spin, turn, waist bounce' game in which a CD attached to a spring was sent far away using the recoil of the waist. In the match between 'squeaky body' Harris and 'comfortable' group, Joe won, and in the powerful match between 'K-idol' Hwang Kwang-hee and 'Greek dancer' Paul, Hwang Kwang-hee won. In the fateful final battle between Eleni and Dongpyo Son, Eleni won and the Blue Team won Tteokbokki.

The second round game with Japchae at stake was the ‘Song Copy Game’. Greek friends could listen to Korean songs and sing along, and Korean members could listen to Greek songs and sing along. Lee Sang-yeop, who appeared as the Blue Team's Greek song contestant, surprised everyone with his 'copy machine-level' copy ability with 0% difference from the original song from the first song. Son Dong-pyo shared his thoughts while watching, saying, “I thought Sang-yeop was possessed.” In the second song, the 'exciting' sing-along and Lee Sang-yeop's mesmerizing hip dance exploded, showing the great unification of Korea and Greece in one song. In response, Hwang Kwang-hee exclaimed, “We need to release an album in Greece,” and Lee Sang-yeop responded, “I found my talent,” making everyone laugh. Thanks to the great performance of test taker Lee Sang-yeop and answerer Ana, the blue team guessed three Greek songs correctly.

Son Dong-pyo appeared as the red team's Greek song contestant. Seeing Son Dong-pyo showing off the class of a 'K-idol' by imitating him all the way to Jeonju, doubts poured in from the opposing team, saying, "Don't you know this song?" Son Dong-pyo captured the audience's attention by adding a passionate dance to Greece's national song, and even performed a mixed song between high and low notes, leading the red team to an all-kill in three questions.

Ana, the Blue Team's Korean song contestant, sang along to Kim Soo-hee's 'Southbound Train'. With the appearance of 'K-National Song', Lee Sang-yeop and Hwang Kwang-hee created a 'thick' atmosphere reminiscent of the 3rd karaoke atmosphere of a company dinner. However, the answer was marked as incorrect because the singer of 'Southbound Train' was not known. And when Ana hummed a familiar melody, “Huhuhuu~”, Hwang Kwang-hee, who noticed something, suddenly turned around and sat down. Eventually, the chorus of Empire's Children's 'Aftereffects', which Hwang Kwang-hee had been waiting for, came out, and Hwang Kwang-hee's rare live stage unfolded. As a result, the blue team got a total of 5 questions correct, including 3 Greek songs and 2 Korean songs.

Nefeli, the red team's Korean song contestant, copied 'Amor Party' with a lively melody and accurate pitch. Kim Min-gyu continued to give wrong answers, saying, "Who is 'Amor Party'? Uhm Jung-hwa? Son Dam-bi?", causing viewers to burst into laughter. In the end, after shouting out the correct answer, “Insooni!”, he made a scene where he apologized, saying, “I’m sorry, Senior Kim Yeon-ja, I’m sorry, Senior Insooni.” After a while, the melody of Kim Hye-yeon's 'It's a Snake', copied with 100% synchronization and saying, "Nanana~ah~ Nanana~ah~" rang out and devastated the scene. When Kim Min-gyu made a solemn expression and said, “This was a man’s song, right?”, Hwang Gwang-hee couldn’t hold back his laughter, saying, “You’re no joke on today’s entertainment scene.” Kim Min-gyu, who did not give in, shouted "Hyun-sook?", and in the end, the red team was only able to guess one Korean song correctly. In the 'Song Copy Game', the blue team also won 5 to 4 and won Japchae.

The last three rounds were a 'relay game' in which members of each team had to pass the missions given in each stage in order. Missions that were unfamiliar to Greek friends were given, such as circling the elephant's nose, kicking a jegi, flipping a coin, levitating a tricolor ball, carrying beans with chopsticks, hitting a scab, and receiving an apple with a fork. The red team seemed to start off well, but continued to fail in the magic sections of levitating the three-colored ball and receiving an apple with a fork, leaving a disappointing record of 8 minutes and 34 seconds. On the other hand, the blue team succeeded in all missions at once and won the final game with a record of 2 minutes and 31 seconds.

Next, a Korean food party was held that everyone enjoyed together regardless of victory or defeat. Son Dong-pyo carefully served the rice, and Hwang Kwang-hee took good care of the Greek friends by cutting the pancakes so they were easy to eat. Lee Sang-yeop, watching the sight of Greek friends enjoying Korean food in a trance, said, "Everyone is eating well, so I am grateful," giving a 'deep' impression. When Kim Min-gyu said, “When we leave, I want you to teach these games to other Greek friends,” the Greek friends readily responded that they would do so, creating a heartwarming experience. Lee Sang-yeop, Hwang Kwang-hee, Kim Min-gyu, and Son Dong-pyo, who built bonds in a short period of time and left precious memories through 'K-Game', will continue to make local friends next week.

Next week, the four 'Heungik Ingan' members who visited Rhodes, a small island in southeastern Greece, will be revealed. 'I Am Ground', which raises questions about what kind of friends you will meet in Rhodes, with its emerald sea and medieval European atmosphere, airs simultaneously on ENA and Channel S every Tuesday at 8:30 pm.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google