Jinseong "Jang Yun-jeong, Kim Ho-jung, Jeong Dong-won, Lee Chan-won, friends with good character"
Jinseong "Jang Yun-jeong, Kim Ho-jung, Jeong Dong-won, Lee Chan-won, friends with good character"
Jinseong, who is holding a special Lunar New Year special stage for the first time, expressed the pressure of being on stage and his respect for his juniors Jang Yun-jeong, Jeong Dong-won, Kim Ho-jung, and Lee Chan-won.

On the 31st, KBS2's Lunar New Year special 'Jinseong Big Show BOK, Korea' released an in-depth interview with Jinseong. 'Jinseong Big Show BOK, Korea' has been confirmed to be broadcast for 130 minutes on February 10th. The KBS Lunar New Year special begins with 'Korea Again Na Hoon-a', which rocked Korea by recording a viewership rating of a whopping 29% in 2021, to 'Bloom Korea Shim Soo-bong' and 'We're HERO Lim Young-woong', with phenomenal viewership ratings in the double digits every year. It achieved a record and became Korea's representative holiday plan.

As such, Jinseong's music talk show, the 'strongest trot medley' in 2024, has been confirmed to take place on the KBS Lunar New Year special stage, where only the strongest in the Korean music industry will perform, raising expectations. Jinseong is a national singer who has been loved by a wide generation, leaving behind numerous hit songs such as 'Barley Pass', 'Don't Tackle', 'I'm a Fool', and 'At Andong Station'. After overcoming blood cancer, I am once again entering the golden age of my life.

Jinseong's in-depth interview has been released and is attracting the attention of many people. Jinseong honestly confessed about his first solo performance in the Lunar New Year special, saying, “It is such a great honor, but in reality, it is also a burden.” He said, "However, if I don't overcome that burden, I won't be able to receive applause. I will do my best to show something to the viewers by encompassing my career in the entertainment industry so far," and expressed his determination to be more tense than ever.
Jinseong "Jang Yun-jeong, Kim Ho-jung, Jeong Dong-won, Lee Chan-won, friends with good character"
Jinseong "Jang Yun-jeong, Kim Ho-jung, Jeong Dong-won, Lee Chan-won, friends with good character"
He then gave honest stories about his juniors Jeong Dong-won, Kim Ho-jung, Lee Chan-won, and Jang Yoon-jung, who will be special guests and MCs. Jinseong said, “The four friends have a relationship with me that I personally sympathize with from the bottom of my heart.” He added, “Rather than teaching my juniors something just because I am a senior, I learn a lot from them on the contrary. They are all good musicians, good singers, and have great personalities.” “They are good friends, so I think I have a lot to learn in the future,” he said, praising the musical talent and outstanding personality of his juniors.

Jinseong said about his role model, "I want to learn about the musical talent and life lessons of senior singers such as senior Na Hoon-ah, senior Cho Yong-pil, senior Nam Jin, senior Seol Woon-do, senior Jo Jo Jo, and senior Kang Jin. Above all, it is important to maintain vitality as a singer. “I think the most important thing is to reflect on yourself and approach your fans with a good heart,” he said.

Jinseong also mentioned his future goals. He emphasized, "As a live singer, I think the most important thing is to communicate directly with the audience, applaud on stage, and make eye contact. Such communication is not only my wish, but also shows my love for my fans."

In addition, Jinseong, who lived in obscurity for 10 years and overcame a battle with cancer, delivered a message of hope to people going through difficult times. He said, "I am not an icon of hope, but I still want to tell you that I lived hard. I am sure that if you live a single path in life, there will definitely be a bright light there," and urged many viewers who are currently experiencing difficulties to believe in hope and persevere.

Lastly, Jinseong mentioned the watching element of the program and asked viewers to watch the program. He laughed, revealing his honest feelings, saying, “I don’t have a pretty face, but I hope you see a lot of me.” He added, "The dedication and effort of the staff who stay up all night working hard for the program is the key to the program's success. I will do my best for that stage."

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr
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