Go Joo-won, mother Lee Hwi-hyang's death
Go Joo-won, mother Lee Hwi-hyang's death
Ha Jun and Jeong Young-sook began herding rabbits in earnest. As a result, anticipation grew as to whether they would be able to catch Lee Hwi-hyang, who was controlling Taesan.

In the 37th episode of KBS2's weekend drama 'Hyoshim, Each Life', which aired on the 28th, a twist was revealed that Tae-ho (Ha Jun) entered the detention center on his own. He knew that his eldest mother Sook-hyang (Lee Hwi-hyang) would set a trap and imprison him. However, he decided that dealing with Sook-hyang outside, where no one would listen to him, was like hitting a rock with an egg. Accordingly, he met Prosecutor Park in person and fell for her trick in order to deliver the evidence to catch Taesan without anyone's interference. Unless this was done, there was no way to cut out the rotten part of Mount Tai.

Tae-ho, who had doubts about the death of his parents, could not forgive Sook-hyang when she kidnapped and imprisoned his grandmother Myeong-hee (Jeong Young-sook) and held a fake funeral, committing an unethical act that a family should not do. What he paid attention to was the ‘Heesung Scholarship Foundation’ that Taesan previously operated. Although it was a case where the statute of limitations had already expired, the money was being siphoned off to other places in the same way as before. Accordingly, he informed Prosecutor Park that if he followed the flow of funds, a paper company owned by Sook-hyang, not his name, would eventually emerge. He joined hands with Prosecutor Park, saying, “Why not catch Taesan instead of a minnow like me?”

Meanwhile, TV Live, in collaboration with Myung-hee, brought to the surface the past corruption of the Heesung Scholarship Foundation and the fact that the person in power was none other than Sook-hyang through broadcasting. Sook-hyang became anxious as Tae-ho and Myeong-hee counterattacked, trying to turn the attention of the prosecution and the media towards her and stab her in the heart. However, Myung-hee put pressure on the TV Live CEO, saying, “We need to prepare a little more until Jang Sook-hyang leaves.” In this way, the two people put pressure on all fronts to purge Sukhyang, who was controlling Taesan as she pleased.

Tae-min (Go Joo-won), who found out that his grandmother Myeong-hee was alive, also approached the reality of his mother Sook-hyang. Sukhyang was involved in the company's affairs in many ways and was siphoning off company money by setting up dozens of paper companies. This was a fact that even several directors knew. However, Yeom Jeon-moo (Lee Gwang-gi) blocked all information in the middle, so Taemin could not find out. Moreover, since he was a very devoted son to his parents, it was difficult for his close associates to tell the truth.

Taemin's anger was uncontrollable. This corruption made his sacrifice, which he went to prison for his father's sake for the company, useless. Moreover, manipulating the grandmother's fake death was clearly immoral. Taemin said to Sookhyang, “I can’t ignore it any longer. Organize the things you have done right now. “Otherwise, you will have to be prepared,” he threatened. Due to Sukhyang's evil deeds, her son, who was a 'filial son', eventually turned his back on her. At the end of the day's broadcast, Taemin, who knew everything and went to Uicheon Villa, encountered Myeonghee, raising questions about which side he would be on and his future actions.

The love between Hyosim (Yui) and Taeho grew deeper. Hyo-shim shed tears when she visited Tae-ho in the detention center. As far as I knew, he was far from corrupt, but I was upset when the media made him into a bad person, and I felt sorry that I couldn't do anything to help him. Hearing such filial love in his heart, Taeho said, “Just coming to see me helps,” and then conveyed his sincere confession, “Will you marry me?” Hyosim also accepted the proposal, saying, “If Taeho comes out safely, let’s do the same.” And to Tae-ho’s mother, Seon-sun (Yoon Mira), who opposes him, “I want to marry Tae-ho. I love that person a lot. “Mom, please allow me,” she said, revealing her deepened feelings for him. Just as the ground hardens after the rain, their love also became stronger.

‘Hyosim, Everyone’s Life’ airs every Saturday and Sunday at 8:05 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google