Shin Hye-sun "I worked well with Ji Chang-wook"
Shin Hye-sun "I worked well with Ji Chang-wook"
Actress Shin Hye-sun revealed the story behind working with Ji Chang-wook through 'Welcome to Samdali'.

Actress Shin Hye-sun, who appeared in the recently concluded drama 'Welcome to Samdali', appeared on JTBC's 'Newsroom' broadcast on the 28th.

'Welcome to Samdali', in which Shin Hye-sun appeared, is about Samdal (played by Shin Hye-sun), a dragon that grows in a stream at the foot of Hallasan Mountain, loses everything and falls, returns to the arms of his hometown with Yong-pil (played by Ji Chang-wook), who cherished the stream, and takes refuge. A romance about a pure partner who chooses and finds love.

Shin Hye-sun said about 'Welcome to Samdali', "When I first received the script for this work, I chose it because I wanted the human Shin Hye-sun to receive some healing. So, because the content of the drama itself was so warm, I forgot about it. “Now that I can see those warm feelings from a third-person perspective, I am very moved. So I think it was a very grateful experience for it to be such a warm drama.”
Shin Hye-sun "I worked well with Ji Chang-wook"
Shin Hye-sun "I worked well with Ji Chang-wook"
In the play, Shin Hye-sun played Samdal. Shin Hye-sun mentioned the similarities between herself and Samdal. He said, "Samdal is a friend who has had a very firm dream since he was young. So, he was a friend who never wavered and was goal-oriented toward his dream. In fact, I think we were very similar in that respect. I also had this dream since I was very young. "I have dreamed of working. I am also a person who has lived with one goal to do this work, so I think our dreams are very similar," he explained.

Among the 'Welcome to Samdali' scenes, the one that attracted attention was Shin Hye-sun's sobbing scene. Actor Bae Myung-jin, who previously played the role of Cha Eun-woo, said, "There is a scene where Samdal comes back to his hometown and cries profusely, saying, 'Why don't you ask me?' The director said OK, but the scene with such intense emotional labor took over 30 takes. “I went to ,” he said. Regarding this, Shin Hye-sun confessed, "Actually, my brother said it with good intentions, but in fact, I regret that day a lot. That's because it satisfied my greed."

He continued, "There was something a little bit disappointing in me. The reason I was particularly concerned at that time was because I met those friends and it was the first time I had expressed my feelings to someone who wasn't family, and the first time I had been holding back my current situation. Because of that scene, I was able to vaguely think about what their relationship would have been like in the past, and because it was a predictable scene, I was filled with the desire to do well from the moment I first saw the script. "It was a scene where I had a lot of fun. So, after filming that scene, I thought that I needed to practice a little more to let go of my greed, and I want to say again that I'm really sorry to Myeong-jin and Eun-woo," he added.

Shin Hye-sun also tells the behind-the-scenes story with Ji Chang-wook, who plays Yong-pil. He said, "It's a scene where Yongpil and Samdal are talking about meeting again, but they just keep looking into each other's eyes, so without realizing it, I suddenly wonder if Samdal is feeling this way, and I can't control these feelings and they keep coming out." I wondered if it was true that tears were physically coming out here, but they came out to the extent that I couldn't stop them, so I just filmed them like that. I just kept wiping away the tears and they came out, and I just filmed them. It may differ depending on the viewer, but I think that's correct. . So I felt it one more time. We really worked well together. The power we received was really quite strong.”

Lastly, Shin Hye-sun said, "I keep calling it work, so it seems a bit like a workaholic, but my job gives me so many enjoyable experiences that I can't describe it with just the word work. It's just these new experiences, new characters, and new encounters. I think that's why it's fun because it allows me to move. I think that's why I can continue. I can't force myself to pretend to be happy when I'm not happy. If other people see me as happy, it means that I'm really happy, so I truly enjoy life. “I hope I can become a person who can live that way. I tell myself,” he said.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google