Baek Jong-won appeared for Lee Jang-woo, who was suffering from the ‘Braised Pigs' Feet curse’.
Baek Jong-won appeared for Lee Jang-woo, who was suffering from the ‘Braised Pigs' Feet curse’.
In tvN's 'The Genius Paik 2', Baek Jong-won's rescue appearance on a white horse was expected for Lee Jang-woo, who was cursed with pig's feet. Attention is focused on what the Savior Baeksang Beach's failed 'pig's feet' CPR is.

In the last broadcast of tvN's 'The Genius Paik 2', Lee Jang-woo experienced a major crisis and was immersed in disappointment. Lee Jang-woo, who gained confidence by successfully operating 'Banju Ⅱ' with the 'Youth Pocha' concept with John Park and Lee Gyu-hyung, launched a new menu item, 'Jokbal', to continue the upward trend. I wanted to show the taste of Korean-style ‘jokbal’ to Spaniards who enjoy eating jamon, a pork leg dish. Since it was the dish I was most confident in, I put more effort into it and spent a long time making it with great care.

But the result was a miserable failure. The smell and appearance were amazing, but the salty taste was too strong. Hallmaster John Park, who tasted it, also agreed with the opinion that ‘jokbal’ cannot be sold, and immediately provided refunds to customers who had pre-ordered it. When the announcement was made that the main menu item, 'jokbal', could not be sold, customers began to flow out, and the busy second branch of Banju quickly became empty. Accordingly, it was a moment when Baeksajang's help was desperately needed at the second branch, which was in crisis.

In episode 13, which airs today (28th), Baek Jong-won responds to Lee Jang-woo's SOS. In the preview video released immediately after the last broadcast, Baek Jong-won was captured going to the second branch that fell under the curse of pig's feet. Baek Jong-won re-cooks the ruined pig's feet to fulfill Lee Jang-woo's earnest wish that "all the pig's feet must be gone." Curiosity and expectations are rising about what kind of menu the 'jokbal' that has been recreated through his hands will be.

And there is another point to watch that raises expectations to the fullest. This is because, following the Pincho Pote war at the first branch, Baeksajang has gathered the entire 'Accompaniment' group at the second branch. The production team said, “To lift the curse of Jokbal, Baek Sa-jang leads the Geniuses from the first store and lands at the second store. All of Baeksajang's business strategies will be mobilized to save the failing second store. “Please look forward to the magic of the white sand beach,” he said.

Episode 13 of ‘The Genius Paik 2’ will be broadcast at 7:40 pm today (28th).

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google