Ahn Hyun-mo "Traveled alone in Paris. I promised myself 'I will not come alone' after seeing lovers kissing each other"
Ahn Hyun-mo "Traveled alone in Paris. I promised myself 'I will not come alone' after seeing lovers kissing each other"
Broadcaster Ahn Hyun-mo, who appeared on 'Map to Go Back', reveals an anecdote about visiting the Eiffel Tower, a famous romantic attraction, alone.

In the 94th episode of Channel S's 'Map to Go Back', which will be broadcast today (25th), '2024' will be the finale of the '2024 Must-Visit Travel Destinations Series', which is being presented as a special project during the month of January to welcome the new year. Introducing the top 3 travel destinations that will capture women’s hearts. In addition, along with online travel partners Kim Shin-young, Lee Seok-hoon, and Choi Tae-seong, interpreter and broadcaster Ahn Hyun-mo will serve as travel friends.

On this day's broadcast, Paris, France, a city alive with romance, is introduced as one of the online travel destinations. Paris is the number one city that women want to visit the most, and it is also a place where romantic spots where romance seems to happen naturally are located throughout the city. In this online trip, not only will the unique atmosphere of Paris in the winter and a special way to enjoy Paris' landmarks, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, be revealed, but hidden, heart-stopping spots that only locals will know about will be revealed.

Broadcaster Ahn Hyun-mo, who travels online in the studio, reveals a travel story about a trip to Paris alone. Ahn Hyeon-mo, who revealed that he is a travel enthusiast who has traveled to 40 countries around the world, gave fun travel tips, saying, “Be sure to watch the movie ‘Eiffel’ before going to the Eiffel Tower.” Also, when Choi Tae-seong said, “The Eiffel Tower is a good place to kiss,” Ahn Hyun-mo recalled her travel story and said, “I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower alone. (Seeing the lovers kissing) I thought that I should never come alone next time.” He made a bitter expression and made the people around him laugh. Also, on this day, Ahn Hyun-mo was surprised when a proxy traveler showed off the 'Giant Croissant', a hidden specialty in Paris, and said, "Croissants are like ancient creatures," and when she saw the 'Grand Poier', which is said to be the king of splendor, she said, "It's so fancy. “My teeth are shaking,” he said, making the scene burst into laughter as he shared his quick thoughts on traveling via online cable.

Kim Shin-young also expressed special excitement about her trip to Paris. Kim Shin-young, who was watching a surrogate traveler tour the famous places in Paris in an emotional sidecar, saw a male guide and declared that she was going to Paris with excitement, saying, "The chubby physique, the beard, and the bald head are all my style." It made me grab my stomach. In addition, Kim Shin-young, who saw the stage of 'Opera Garnier', which is considered the most beautiful performance hall in the world, said, "I want to do stand-up comedy there," and showed a moment as a current comedian.

What the romantic winter will be like in 'Paris', the romantic city that touched the hearts of Ahn Hyun-mo and Kim Shin-young, and the '2024 Top 3 Travel Destinations That Captivate Women's Hearts' can be seen on 'Map to Go Back' at 8 pm today (25th).

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google