Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah have already seen their chemistry.
Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah have already seen their chemistry.
Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah are having a 'four-week date' to celebrate Gapjinnyeon in 2024.

In the 99th episode of Channel A's entertainment show 'Man's Life These Days - Groom's Class (hereinafter referred to as 'Groom's Class')', which airs on the 24th (today), Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah meet a fortune teller in Daehakro on a snowy day and guess not only New Year's fortunes but also compatibility. The scene of finding out the heart of a person unfolds.

Kim Dong-wan, who met Seo Yoon-ah that day, said, “I came to see the New Year’s fortune in celebration of the Year of the Blue Dragon, but in fact, I came because I wanted to find out the year 2024 for (Seo) Yoon-ah more than me.” He then goes to visit the fortune teller with whom he had a relationship 12 years ago.

This fortune teller explains the two people’s fortunes and praises Seo Yoon-ah, saying, “She is a ‘golden crown statue’ with beauty and wealth.” Next, he exclaimed, “The O-bok is really nice~” and Seo Yoon-ah jokingly said, “I think your expression is better than mine,” making Dong-wan Kim feel ‘hot.’ Moon Se-yoon, a 'mentor corps member' who was watching this in the studio, also became overly absorbed, saying, "We have to catch (Seo Yoon-ah)."

After a while, this fortuneteller tells Seo Yoon-ah, “My luck is on the rise starting this year,” and “I should get married and make money when I’m lucky.” However, Seo Yoon-ah suddenly asks the fortune teller, “Does (Kim Dong-wan) have an affair?”, confusing Kim Dong-wan.

The fortune teller was lost in thought for a moment, then answered, “Because I already met many people when I was young, something like that rarely happens when I grow up,” and finally boasted, “I won’t cheat because it’s a waste of O,” making everyone burst into laughter. Surprised by this, Kim Dong-wan repeatedly emphasized, “I have never cheated before.”

Kim Dong-wan's compatibility score with Seo Yoon-ah, which he was curious about, can be confirmed in episode 99 of 'Groom Class', which airs at 9:30 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google