Ji Chang-wook, will his dream come true?
Ji Chang-wook, will his dream come true?
JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Welcome to Samdali' is racing towards its end with only two episodes left until the end.

'Welcome to Samdali' is about Samdal (played by Shin Hye-seon), a dragon born in a stream at the foot of Hallasan Mountain, who loses everything and falls, returns to the arms of his hometown with Yong-pil (played by Ji Chang-wook), who cherished the stream, and finds love while catching his breath. Pure partner romance.

Viewers' attention is focused on how 'Welcome to Samdali', which is captivating weekend home theaters with its fun doubling in the second half, will end. We pointed out three key points to watch until the end.

Ji Chang-wook, who achieved the love of his life, will his dream come true?

Yongpil never once forgot her during the eight years he was away from Samdal. Because he didn't want to have three months in his life. As our love blossomed quietly in silence, we went straight ahead after realizing that Samdal also felt the same way. Even though I faced a huge wall of opposition from my father Sang-tae (played by Yoo Oh-seong), I was confident that I could overcome it with the power of love. I continued to knock on the door of Samdal and Sangtae's heart, and finally the door opened and I was able to hold Samdal's hand again. Yongpil, who overcame hardships and adversities with the power of love, now only has to grow his love by roasting sesame seeds.

In the still cuts released in this regard, the two partners, who exude a more concentrated sweetness, attract attention. The two people, who do not want to be apart even for a moment and are always smiling, make even the audience's clowns soar high into the sky. Another point of expectation is whether Yongpil, who has achieved his dream of three months and the love of his life, will be able to advance to the World Meteorological Organization in Switzerland, which he has dreamed of for a long time. As they have been supporting and encouraging Samdal's dream, viewers have continued to voice their hopes that his dream will also come true. This is why we cannot take our eyes off until the end to see whether that wish will come true.

Shin Hye-sun's flight to the top

Samdal also has a dream to come true. As Jo Sam-dal, not Jo Eun-hye, she is able to accomplish something she has never been able to accomplish before. At Yongpil's recommendation, I applied to the photographer contest hosted by the Jeju Meteorological Administration and was proudly elected. Afterwards, I traveled around Jeju and took pictures related to weather phenomena.

But a crisis loomed just three months ahead. She was caught once again by Eun-joo (played by Jo Yoon-seo), who broke her wings due to her inferiority complex and sense of entitlement. After hearing the news that Samdal had been elected as a photographer for the Jeju Meteorological Administration, Eunju felt anxious as she called a reporter she knew. And it seems that the premonition was not wrong. In the preview video for episode 15, a scene where reporters flocked to the Jeju Meteorological Administration was broadcast. Attention is also focused on whether Jo Sam-dal will be able to safely open his first photo exhibition and take off brilliantly in the face of that crisis.

The Fall of Jo Yoon-seo (feat. Mysterious Scarf)

For that to happen, there is a problem that must be resolved. It is to correct the unfair accusation that Eun-joo placed on Sam-dal. While curiosity is growing about how to turn around the public opinion that already firmly believes that Samdal bullied his junior, suspicions about Eunjoo are surfacing one by one.

It is said that he caused friction with the staff when he tried to use the scarf that caused conflict with Samdal by forcing it to be something that did not fit the summer pictorial concept at another shooting site. What on earth is the secret contained in that blue scarf? Eun-ju, who is facing a backlash after her lack of skills is revealed, makes a last-ditch effort by reporting on the three-month Jeju Meteorological Agency exhibition to a reporter. In her words, it is the point of observation that she is most curious about and wants to see.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google