Lee Isaac Hong, 1st place in 'Singer Gain 3' despite sound deviation stage and low judging score
Lee Isaac Hong, 1st place in 'Singer Gain 3' despite sound deviation stage and low judging score
Lee Isaac Hong won the final championship. However, viewers' opinions are mixed about Hong Isak, who won first place in the public vote despite a mistake in sound and a low judge's score of 6th place.

The second round of the final 'Free Song Round' of JTBC's entertainment show 'Singer Gain Season 3 - Unknown Singer', which aired on the 18th, was held.

On this day, the top 7 glorious singers were introduced one by one. The winner will receive 300 million won, and the second and third place winners will receive 30 million won in activity support. The final top 10 will have the opportunity to participate in a national tour concert.

Before the contest began, the online advance voting and rankings for the first round were revealed. Hong Isaac took first place in both the online pre-voting ranking and the new song round ranking.

Afterwards, the second round of the finals began, and Choo Seung-yeop opened the stage. He passionately sang the late Kim Hyun-sik's 'Always By My Side' and received 781 points out of 800 from the judges.

Ri-jin performed Yoon Sang's 'To You'. Kim Eana said, “I thought the chorus wasn’t organized a little bit. “It was a little disappointing because it was the final stage, but it was attractive enough,” he said. The total score of the judges was 741 points. Ezel selected Day6's 'So We Can Become One Page' and received 773 points.
Lee Isaac Hong, 1st place in 'Singer Gain 3' despite sound deviation stage and low judging score
Lee Isaac Hong, 1st place in 'Singer Gain 3' despite sound deviation stage and low judging score
Kang Seong-hee passionately sang Lee Seung-yeol's 'Fly', the OST for the drama 'Incomplete Life'. Although there were mistakes in the beginning, Jaebeom Lim praised him, saying, “When it comes to singing and making sounds, he is unrivaled.” The judges' score was 765 points.

Soobin Soo-bin reinterpreted Park Sung-shin's 'One More Time'. Kim Eana said, “It has great technique and emotions at the same time. “Today, I wrote down my feelings,” he praised. The score was also high at 787 points. Shin Hae-sol performed the late Kim Hyun-sik's 'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter' and received 769 points.

Lee Isaac Hong's parents, who have been working in school management and education in Uganda, Africa for six years, returned to Korea to see their son perform in the finals. Hong Isaac said, “As a son, I have many things to be ashamed of. “I thought that I was not a proud or boastful person,” he said. “I am very proud and want to be proud.” “I hope my parents can see the moment I perform on stage without any regrets,” she said, shedding tears.

Hong Isak passionately sang Cho Yong-pil's 'Song of the Wind', which was recommended by his father, but there was a mistake in the tone, leaving him disappointed. Baek Ji-young pointed out, “The arrangement and progress were good, but there were small mistakes,” and Lim Jae-beom cheered, saying, “I think Lee Isaac will be remembered in the judges’ minds as a ‘singer with no expiration date.’” Hong Isaac received 761 points despite his mistakes.

The judges' scores were as follows: 7th place Ri-jin, 6th place Hong I-sak, 5th place Kang Seong-hee, 4th place Shin Hae-sul, 3rd place Ezel, 2nd place Chu Seung-yeop, and 1st place Soo-bin Soo.

The real-time text voting ended and the final rankings were revealed. The final score is 30% from the judges' score of the first new song round, new song mission sound source score, and new song mission video score, 10% from advance voting, 20% from the judge's score from the free song round from the final second round, and conducted during the live broadcast. Real-time text voting and Music Cow online voting accounted for 40%.

The final rankings were 7th place Seung-yeop Chu, 6th place Kang Seong-hee, 5th place Ri-jin, 4th place Shin Hae-sol, 3rd place Ezel, 2nd place Soo-bin Hong, and 1st place was Hong Isak.

Lee Isaac Hong said, “When I started, I thought I would give everything I had in each round, regardless of whether I failed or not. So I was grateful for every round. Thank you for creating such a sparkling moment for me. “Since I won, I will do my best in my future journey with responsibility,” he said.

Meanwhile, opinions were divided among viewers about Hong Isaac's first place award, which made a mistake on the last stage. There were conflicting opinions that the group should not be evaluated based on just one performance, as there were stages they had performed so far, while others argued that they won first place through fandom and popularity voting rather than their skills.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google