Kian84 revealed the spirit of the grand prize winner
Kian84 revealed the spirit of the grand prize winner
MBC's 'Adventure By Accident Season 3' is showing great progress by breaking the highest viewership ratings for two consecutive weeks, including the previous season. The viewership rating per minute also broke the previous season's highest record, reaching 9.5%.

From the 100% manual amusement park 'Madaland' to the traditional sport 'Sabika', the sight of Kian84, Panibottle, and Dex enjoying Madagascar's extreme ultimate battle, where only the strong survive, boosted dopamine. Then, the meeting of the 'Four Madagascar Brothers', who became a complete group with the surprise appearance of their eldest brother Lee Si-eon, brought together the 'Around the Planet world view', giving both a touching feeling and anticipation for their first journey in the future.

In the 7th episode of 'Adventure By Accident 3', which aired on the 14th, the 8th day of the trip to Madagascar was revealed. According to Nielsen Korea, the viewer rating for episode 7 of 'Adventure By Accident 3', which aired on this day, recorded 7.4% in the metropolitan area, once again breaking its own highest record including the previous season. The 2049 viewership rating, which is a key indicator for advertising officials and a key indicator of channel competitiveness, rose to 3.2% (based on the metropolitan area) and up to 4.0%.

The best moment was the scene where eldest brother Lee Si-eon prepared a table of seaweed soup and japchae for his younger siblings. The sight of Kian84, Panibottle, and Dex enjoying food filled with their big brother's love brought joy. The viewership rating rose to 9.5% due to the strong friendship between the 'Madagascar Brothers', who finally became a complete group, and broke the highest viewership rating per minute, including the previous season.

The day after they gathered at the Antsirabe accommodation after completing their solo trip, the three people, who had spent a good morning each, decided to have a local breakfast before loading up the rental car and heading to Sabica. While moving to a local restaurant, the Madagascar amusement park caught their eye. The three people enjoyed the thrill of riding a 100% manual carousel and a Ferris wheel, which were turned by ‘every muscle men’ with their bare hands. The extraordinary performance of ‘Mada Muscle Men’, which was hard to believe even after seeing it, caused surprise and admiration.

The three brothers, who visited a restaurant to eat local Madagascar food, ordered a popular menu item recommended by a staff member. Madagascar's national dish 'Lumajava' also received a passing grade from 'Dex' Dex. However, while he was enjoying the cheese gratin he ordered, a flying poop fly got into it. The sight of Panibottle holding a fork on behalf of the devastated youngest child brought laughter and warmth at the same time.

The three brothers reminisced about their childhood while admiring the country roads of Madagascar while on a 'Sabica Tour'. A childhood photo that looks exactly the same as it does now has been revealed. Kian84 was possessed by Van Gogh's mind while looking at a landscape that looked like a work of art. Sabica is a traditional sport of the Vecileo people, in which the person who can hang on for the longest wins against the Madagascan cattle zebu. Kian84, Panibottle, and Dex watched ‘Savika’ on the local guide’s car. The performance of veteran players challenging themselves to become the true powerhouse was met with applause, and the sight of locals enjoying the event left a deep impression.

Late at night, the three arrived at Tana's dorm exhausted and decided to fill their hunger with room service. At this time, Lee Si-eon appeared as a room service man and surprised everyone. It turned out that the three people did not know that Lee Si-eon had joined. Lee Si-eon was very satisfied with the success of the surprise event he secretly prepared.

Kian84 could not hide his happy smile after seeing the worldviews of South America and India combined to become 'Madagascar Brothers'. An impromptu birthday celebration party was held with seaweed soup and japchae prepared by Lee Si-eon, and the four people gathered in one room and spent the night together. The unique chemistry between the slightly awkward youngest member Dex and the eldest brother Lee Si-eon raised expectations for the four people's future journey.

On the morning of the 9th day of the trip, Lee Si-eon, Kian84, Panibottle, and Dex set out on their first journey as a complete group. They took a classic taxi to go to a local gym where Madagascar's fittest people gather. However, the four brothers find themselves in an embarrassing situation when the taxi engine turns off while driving. It made people curious about the next story and whether their first journey would be successful.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google