Park Si-hoo was the eldest son of a 3rd generation family of full-timers.
Park Si-hoo was the eldest son of a 3rd generation family of full-timers.
Actor Park Si-hoo joins TV CHOSUN's 'Daddy and Me' and takes on his first family entertainment show since his debut.

‘Dad and Me’ captures the real family history and warm family love of stars that have not been revealed to the public.

In particular, many viewers showed their sincere support for the story of actress Lee Seung-yeon's 'K-eldest daughter', who has been responsible for the family's livelihood for over 30 years since her debut, and for the way she takes extreme care of her three parents - her father, her biological mother, and her 'mother who raised her'. . The story of 'Choi Min-soo's wife' Kang Joo-eun and her parents from Canada getting married after 30 years, and '19-year global top model' Park Se-ra and her 'foolish daughter' father's 'harmless' country life were also unfolded.

Meanwhile, 'Dad and Me' officially announced on the 12th that 'son representative' Park Si-hoo would join. Park Si-hoo is the eldest son of 'the third generation of Buyeo's rich man family' and is a typical K-son in Korea who has not spent time alone with his father for over 30 years. Park Si-hoo himself declined to appear on the family observation program, saying, “My dad and I are very quiet, so it wouldn’t be fun,” but decided to appear after a long period of persuasion from the production team.

The production team of 'Daddy and Me' said, "We put a lot of thought into it as he is the son's first appearance as a representative. After much consideration, we decided on the appearance of actor Park Si-hoo, who is a influential figure representing the Korean Wave and can show the image of Korea's 'K-son'. “He said. Moreover, this is Park Si-hoo's first appearance on a family entertainment show, raising expectations even more.

‘My Dad and I’ airs every Wednesday at 10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google