Kim Gura, “My late-born daughter receives allowance from BTS V’s father”
Kim Gura, “My late-born daughter receives allowance from BTS V’s father”
Kim Gura revealed that he lives in the same neighborhood as BTS's V's father.

Broadcaster Lee Geum-hee, Day6's Young K, broadcaster Jonathan, and YouTuber Ma Seon-ho appeared on MBC's entertainment show 'Radio Star', which aired on the 10th, as a special feature titled 'The Rose That Bloomed Between Communication'.

On this day, Lee Geum-hee, an official member of the entertainment industry’s ‘Army’, shared a sad update, saying, “All members of BTS have entered the military.”

Lee Geum-hee continued, “Everyone is disappointed, but BTS and ARMY trust each other, so there is no such thing as military disapproval. This year, my eldest brother Jin will be discharged from the military. “Not much time is left,” he said, revealing his continued fan spirit.

After hearing this, Kim Gura said, “BTS V’s father lives in my neighborhood. “My youngest daughter received allowance from V’s father,” he boasted. When Lee Geum-hee said, “I heard your father is so handsome,” Kim Gu-ra said, “That’s right.” He added, “There are a lot of rumors in the neighborhood. ‘V gave me some cash. I heard he told me to just sit back and relax now.’” He showed off his appearance as a celebrity in the entertainment industry.

Kim Kook-jin helped by saying, “V’s father is good at golf,” and Kim Gura also added, “V’s father knows singing well.” Lee Geum-hee was happy and said, “I learned a lot of news that I didn’t know when I came here.”

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google