9.3% Yoo Jong-ui's 'Veolnyeo Park's Contract Marriage', what did it leave behind?
9.3% Yoo Jong-ui's 'Veolnyeo Park's Contract Marriage', what did it leave behind?
“Now it is Park Yeon-woo and my fate.”

MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Veign Woman Park's Contract Marriage' had a happy ending with Lee Se-young and Bae In-hyuk breaking away from the evil deeds of the past and reuniting in modern times to form a marital relationship.

The final episode of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Yeolwoman Park's Contract Marriage' (planned by Jang Jae-hoon and Kim Seong-wook, directed by Park Sang-hoon and Kang Chae-won, written by Ko Nam-jeong, and produced by Chorokbaem Media), which aired on the 6th (Saturday), received 9.3% nationwide, 9.4% in the metropolitan area, according to Nielsen Korea. 2049 recorded 2.3%, and it was a finale, filled with unique excitement and meaning. In particular, the highest viewer rating per minute soared to 11.4% in the scene in the play where Joseon's Kang Tae-ha (Bae In-hyuk) confesses to Park Yeon-woo (Lee Se-young) that he is in love with her and Park Yeon-woo rejects him.

In the final episode, Park Yeon-woo was depicted uncovering the evil deeds of the Kang family during the Joseon Dynasty and struggling to avoid becoming an unfair 'virtuous woman'. Next, when Park Yeon-woo was on the verge of death due to Deok-gu (Lee Jun-hyuk), he fell off a cliff, then returned to modern times and reunited with Kang Tae-ha, giving a heartwarming appearance.

In the play, Park Yeon-woo, who returned to Joseon, faced the death of Joseon Kang Tae-ha (Bae In-hyuk) again, but escaped kidnapping with the help of his parents. I was interrogated at the grape office. Mrs. Yoon denied that there was no evidence that she poisoned her son, but Kang Tae-ha, who was thought to be dead, turned the situation around by confessing that he had taken an antidote and faked his death to expose Mrs. Yoon's crime. Park Yeon-woo of the Joseon Dynasty appealed to the king to correct the unfair death of the statue of a 'virtuous woman', and as Park Yeon-woo wished, the law was used to distinguish between virtuous women and determine the truth. At the same time, in modern times, while Kang Tae-ha was missing Park Yeon-woo, he received a message from Lee Mi-dam (Kim Yeo-jin) that Park Yeon-woo's mother's books had been returned to their original state, and was relieved to see that the monument to virtuous women had disappeared.

Park Yeon-woo confessed her feelings to Kang Tae-ha from Joseon, but after rejecting her, she accepted the offer to remain friends. Meanwhile, Kang Tae-ha's heart disease suddenly worsened, and the doctor asked Park Yeon-woo to prepare his heart. Meanwhile, Hyundai Kang Tae-ha eagerly waited for Park Yeon-woo to return in front of the crape myrtle tree where he first met Park Yeon-woo, while Park Yeon-woo in Joseon went on a picnic with Kang Tae-ha and learned through Kang Tae-ha's dream story that Hyundai Kang Tae-ha was waiting endlessly for him. done. In the end, Joseon Kang Tae-ha died after expressing his heartfelt feelings to Park Yeon-woo, and Park Yeon-woo threw himself off a cliff when his life was threatened by Deok-gu who ran away. At that moment, all the petals of the crape myrtle tree in the modern hotel swimming pool fell, and Kang Tae-ha sensed an unusual energy. As time passed, Park Yeon-woo appeared as crape myrtle petals were fluttering, and Kang Tae-ha reunited with Park Yeon-woo with a smile, saying, “Now, it’s Park Yeon-woo and my destiny.”

Lastly, in the epilogue, Park Yeon-woo and Kang Tae-ha had their second wedding and shared a sweet kiss, drawing a happy ending that was heartwarming. In relation to this, we have summarized what was left behind in ‘The Contract Marriage of the Virtuous Woman Park’, the king of ‘sweet and salty narratives’.
9.3% Yoo Jong-ui's 'Veolnyeo Park's Contract Marriage', what did it leave behind?
9.3% Yoo Jong-ui's 'Veolnyeo Park's Contract Marriage', what did it leave behind?
“It was possible because of these people!” Amazing performances and life-like characters from actors you can trust and watch'Veolnyeo Park's Contract Marriage' was notable for its trustworthy actors' performances. Lee Se-young played the role of Park Yeon-woo, a lovable but Confucian girl from Joseon with a lot of stories, and broke the character of her life by proving her wide acting spectrum, from comical acting to sad emotional acting. In the role of Kang Tae-ha, Bae In-hyuk gave a delicate performance that ranged from emotionless to expressing various joys and sorrows after finding someone he loves, becoming the next generation romantic male lead. Joo Hyun-young, who played the role of Sa-wol, who is foolish and full of sense, added vitality to the play with her outstanding acting and proved to be an irreplaceable actor, while Yoo Seon-ho, who played the role of Kang Tae-min, the third generation of Korean conglomerate, made a definite mark on the small screen with his attractive mask and strong personality.“I caught both the rapid and meloco!” Writer Go Nam-jeong added richness to the original web novel‘Veolnyeo Park’s Contract Marriage’ is a drama based on the ‘Naver web novel <Veolnyeo Park’s Contract Marriage> [Writer: Kim Neo-ul]’ of the same name. Writer Go Nam-jeong, who was in charge of writing, led the rapid development by exuding a 'sweet and salty' charm with a captivating narrative and heartbreaking dialogue with dense character relationships based on the solid story of the original work. In addition, the preciousness of relationships was also conveyed through the fateful narrative of Park Yeon-woo and Kang Tae-ha, who were intertwined through repeated relationships. In particular, writer Go Nam-jeong created a well-made comic fantasy romance drama that not only gave the excitement of sweet romance, the sad emotions of melodrama, and overwhelming pleasure, but also provided an opportunity to think about love and relationships.“A comprehensive gift set itself!” Director Park Sang-hoon, who sensuously directs all genres'Veolnyeo Park's Contract Marriage' brought out a variety of fun stories with a wide spectrum of stories ranging from historical dramas about the Joseon Dynasty of Park Yeon-woo and Kang Tae-ha's past to modern times, comics, romance, and fantasy. The video also diversified the fun of watching, with a screen with strong colors, a fantasy-style mystery, and a panoramic production that doubles the sense of fate. When Park Yeon-woo and Kang Tae-ha meet under a crape myrtle tree, the red petals are emphasized to create a lively image, and in the scene where Park Yeon-woo transcends time and space, the movement of all objects stops for a moment, creating a mysterious mood. Moreover, in the scenes where modern Kang Tae-ha sees the illusion of Joseon Kang Tae-ha, the past unfolds like a panorama, maximizing the fateful epic and earnest melodrama, giving viewers a treat like a comprehensive gift set.

The production team said, “We are sincerely grateful for the passionate love that viewers have shown us so far,” and added, “We hope that the moment you watch ‘Yeolnyeo Park’s Contract Marriage’, you will forget your worries for a moment and have a happy time. In addition, I hope that our drama will be cherished in the hearts of viewers for a long time.”

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google