Lee Soo-geun lost valuables worth 5 million won while filming
Lee Soo-geun lost valuables worth 5 million won while filming
In Channel A's entertainment show 'Trust me and follow me, Urban Fisherman 5' (hereinafter referred to as 'Urban Fisherman 5'), which aired on the 4th, a fishing war for black sea bream on Chuja Island took place with 'rock expert' Park Jin-cheol (hereinafter referred to as Park Pro) and 'crappy' KCM. It was broadcast.

On this day's broadcast, to celebrate the New Year, the 'Let's live a good life' campaign was held for the first time among 'urban fishermen' without swearing or getting angry. The mission success product is high-quality fishing gear. Now that it's a new year, this was planned with the intention of living a better life in 2024. Due to the members not understanding the standards of swearing, they faced an unexpected ambush from the beginning, but soon they all danced Lee Kyung-gyu's 'Let's Live a Good Life' dance together to avoid the crisis, causing laughter.

As soon as they arrived at the seaside rock, the production crew appeared to help organize the groundbait at Lee Gyeong-gyu's request. However, during the cleanup, a fatal accident occurred where the bait was overturned, arousing Lee Gyeong-gyu's anger. In response, Lee Gyeong-gyu expressed his anger from the beginning of fishing, saying, “I asked you to help me for no reason!”, raising expectations as to whether the ‘Let’s live a good life’ campaign will be maintained until the end of fishing.

Black sea bream fishing has begun in earnest. Just as the beautiful scenery was awe-inspiring, the worst situation for fishing unfolded. Even though the bad fish, known as the mecca of black sea bream, came to the point, there were no bites at all in the strong waves. In addition, as all the money flowed to Pro Park, protests poured in from the members, and eventually a conspiracy theory was raised, saying, 'Isn't Pro Park intentionally taking a good position?' Pro-Park got angry and got up from his seat, saying, “I’m not fishing!” and then saying, “The direction of the tide changes. “Don’t judge after just 10 minutes of fishing,” he said, giving a rapid-fire explanation of fishing, bringing a deep realization to the members.

The strong waves continued, and Lee Soo-geun expressed anxiety, saying, “The water will come in soon.” Sure enough, a ‘lightning of water fell from the dry sky’. The swell rising onto the seaside rocks hit Soo-geun Lee's tackle box. The tackle box was carried away by the current, as if searching for the quantity, and Soo-geun fought desperately to find the tackle box, mobilizing a landing net and calling the production team's boat, saying, "There's 5 million won worth in there."

However, despite the efforts, a secondary accident occurred in which the tackle box lid opened and all items except the tackle box drifted away without being able to be rescued. As the situation could no longer be controlled, Soo-geun showed tears in her eyes, making all the production crew at the scene feel sad.

Pro Park, who had not had a bite all morning, got his first bite after two hours of fishing. Pro Park, as a 'seaside rock master', did his best to vividly convey the feeling of a powerful bite from a black sea bream, which is different from other fish species, including the unusual movement of the tip, bending angle, and power fishing, and immediately caught another black sea bream, continuing sea fishing. The essence of was presented.

In the afternoon fishing, Joo Sang-wook, who showed endless fishing during this season and even earned the humiliating nickname 'second place for 10,000 years', seemed more desperate than anyone else to get rid of the unlucky icon title. Perhaps because of his earnest efforts, he eventually succeeds in hitting a big black sea bream that wipes away all his sluggishness in the afternoon while fishing on the shore rocks and receives cheers from everyone. After catching a black sea bream, Joo Sang-wook was so moved that he shed tears and made all kinds of celebrations, including kissing the camera and enjoying the joy.

After the fishing was over, a battle of nerves took place at the exchange between Park Pro's team, which caught two 3rd place black sea bream, and Joo Sang-wook's team, which caught a 4th place black sea bream. However, Joo Sang-wook, who unfortunately lost first place with a 170g difference, said, "It feels good to lose by 170g after losing by 10g," and gave the badge to the first place team with tears in his eyes, making them laugh.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google