Park Ji-hoon, flashy action with his whole body
Park Ji-hoon, flashy action with his whole body
Amidst a warm response, the making-of video of ‘Fantasy Sonata’, which opened its first act, was released.

KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Fantasy Sonata', which aired for the first time on the 2nd, successfully landed on the small screen, receiving responses that it was like a comprehensive gift set, with its fast-paced plot, strong personalities of the characters, and directing that perfectly blended music and visual beauty.

In particular, the chemistry between the lead actors, who freely handle the unique mood swings of 'Fantasy Sonata', which embraces both a bloody revenge story and a heart-pounding romance, received great praise. The making of episode 1, released on the 4th, shows the actors working together to create famous scenes in the drama.

In the released making video, Park Ji-hoon (playing the roles of Sajo-hyeon and Ak-hee) and Hong Ye-ji (playing the roles of Yeonwol and Gye-ra) are filming with a friendly attitude, like real siblings. Like young actors, they filled the scene with laughter, but at moments when they needed to concentrate, they erased the playfulness from their faces and immersed themselves in their roles, creating an ending scene in the first episode that made viewers' hearts flutter.

Hong Ye-ji was very nervous before filming the scene where she shows off the deadly dancer's dance, but she not only performed the choreography but also became the 'ending fairy' of the historical drama with her flawless poses and facial expressions.

Park Ji-hoon's struggle to perform flashy action scenes such as archery, horseback riding, and wire scenes was also highlighted. Park Ji-hoon expressed his joy by saying, "It's not that I practiced it, but I like archery. Please look forward to my archery acting in the future." He also showed his fighting spirit by throwing his whole body into the somewhat rough wire action acting. Through Park Ji-hoon's passionate performance of continuously flying through the air and rolling on the ground without hesitation, a famous scene that satisfied the eyes and ears of viewers was completed.

In this way, 'Fantasy Sonata' proved its true value as a well-made historical drama not only through a solid script and attractive directing, but also through the efforts of the main actors who put their sincerity into every scene. Attention is focused on the next story of 'Fantasy Sonata', which showed unstoppable development in just one episode.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google