Shin Hye-sun and Ji Chang-wook, ‘affectionate kiss’ after 8 years
Shin Hye-sun and Ji Chang-wook, ‘affectionate kiss’ after 8 years
Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun kissed with emotions surging like huge waves. It was a moment that touched the heart of the heart-rending romance between two people who loved each other but had no choice but to draw a line. Viewership ratings continued to rise, recording 8.8% in the metropolitan area and 8.1% nationwide.

The 9th episode of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Welcome to Samdali', which aired on the 30th, took viewers to the story of 'Dumija', the original partner of Jeju Samdali in 1981. Go Mija, who was married on land, was unfamiliar with everything, including the tire-like haenyeo uniform, the material that required her to hold her breath for a long time, and the living, writhing sea creatures. Bumi-ja (played by Jeong Yu-mi), the daughter of the head of the Haenyeo Association, has decided that she will never be friends with Go Mi-ja (played by Kim Mi-kyung), who seems to be such a ‘mature’ person. The person who tightly tied these two people together was none other than the king of singers, Yongpil Cho. They said, “The only Elvis Presley in Korea who can sing with sophistication is Cho Yong-pil’s Orabang,” and they developed a friendship by spending time together and watching Cho Yong-pil’s TV performances, and gave birth to Yong-pil and Samdal at the same time. The two promised to “become joint parents” and to protect each other’s child even if someone dies first.

More than 20 years later, one day during the 'bracken rainy season', Gomiza took advantage of the calm sea and headed to the sea to do some shopping despite the Haenyeo chairman's dissuasion. Materials are the source of livelihood, but the amount of work was small, so I was nagging my mother-in-law. Bumija could not let Gomiza go alone like that. As soon as the current got stronger, the two partners went into the sea. But that day, “the sea may seem calm now, but when you turn around, the roaring sea inside the castle” took Bumija away. This revealed the heartbreaking story of how Jo Sang-tae (played by Yoo Oh-seong) sharpened his teeth at Go Mi-ja, saying, “I will hate you until the end of my life,” and fiercely opposed the relationship between Yong-pil (played by Ji Chang-wook) and Sam-dal (played by Shin Hye-sun).

Just like that day, Go Mi-ja, who disappeared while swimming in the sea, was fortunately rescued and regained consciousness. However, through this, it was revealed that the disease Mija had been hiding from her three daughters was arrhythmia. The daughters were not only worried about the doctor's diagnosis that for an arrhythmia patient to go into the water is like carrying a time bomb. More than anything, Samdal was angry at the fact that Yongpil kept secret about Mija's condition.

Yongpil had a reason. Mija tried to persuade her several times, but Mija, who didn't want to worry her daughters, threatened her and said, "Don't be quiet." Even though it was three months that I couldn't understand, I couldn't refute Yongpil's words, "If you came home at least once a year, I would have known that 'Mom' was in bad shape." It was he who had been indifferent to his mother under the excuse that he was busy with work.

There were circumstances that I could not tell even Samdal. In my life, every time I came across Yongpil's traces, Samdal broke down. It was difficult just to see his photos on the SNS of the 'Five Eagle Brothers' friends. Because of this, I cut off all contact with my friends and became completely alone. I endured this for 8 years, but I was shaken violently by Yongpil who kept asking me, “Are you okay?” Even at the hospital, I could barely hold back the tears that almost poured out when he asked, “Are you okay?” So, he told me to stop worrying and taking care of my house, and drew a line saying, “If we add more, it will now be a burdensome relationship.”

However, I was flooded with uncontrollable emotions as I learned about Yong-pil's sincerity through Wang Gyeong-tae (Lee Jae-won). The reason Yongpil covered Mija's taewak with colorful floral fabric was to check her condition through the Meteorological Administration's CCTV. He said, “I became a forecaster to protect someone precious.” The person he was trying to protect was none other than Go Mi-ja, the ‘co-edeo-meong’. This was the reason why he stayed in Gaecheon for eight years, refusing to be appointed to the headquarters and giving up his dream of joining the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, which he had longed to do. Samdal couldn't listen to Yongpil's mind like a huge ocean with his mind.

Yongpil approached Samdal again with the help of alcohol. Samdal could no longer suppress his emotions. “How did I forget you? Why do you keep asking me if I’m okay? “Why do you keep shaking people? What if I really give up on you?” he exploded. The same was true for Yongpil, who suppressed the emotions that came out 12 times a day. Samdal, who had worked so hard to draw a line, approached first and kissed.

Episode 10 of ‘Welcome to Samdali’ will be aired today (31st) at 10:30 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google