Lee Young-ae arrested for drug supply
Lee Young-ae arrested for drug supply
A real crisis has come to Lee Young-ae.

The 7th episode of tvN's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Maestra', which aired on the 30th, was a feast of shocks and twists, from the case where Cha Se-eum (played by Lee Young-ae) was falsely accused to the news of the death of Kim Bong-ju (played by Jin Ho-eun), a member of The Hangang Philharmonic who organized this division. It unfolded.

Accordingly, the 7th episode broke its own highest viewer rating, recording an average of 6.2% and a peak of 7.8% for households in the metropolitan area, and an average of 5.3% and a peak of 6.4% for households nationwide. In addition, it ranked first in its time slot on cable and comprehensive channels both in the metropolitan area and nationwide.

While monitoring videos of past performances, Cha Se-eum noticed suspicious points in some members and conducted a blind test to closely check the skills of all members. As a result, the two members that Cha Se-eum had been keeping a close eye on were fired, and as guessed, they were addicted to drugs and were unable to perform properly.

The problem did not end here. Two club members who were arrested as red-handed criminals pointed out Cha Se-eum as the supplier. To make matters worse, drugs were discovered in the commander's office and he was arrested without action. Cha Se-eum judged that the members' false statements were quite weak, and explained that she may have been addicted even before coming to the Han River Philharmonic Orchestra.

As Cha Se-eum expected, the two members were making false statements. This was Kim Bong-ju's plan to hold a grudge against Cha Se-eum and Yoo Jeong-jae (played by Lee Moo-saeng), urging them to say, 'Since Cha Se-eum reported it, state that you received medicine from her.' The person who hid the medicine in the conductor's office was also Kim Bong-ju, who had infiltrated as a quick service technician.

However, Kim Bong-ju's atrocities aimed at committing the perfect crime took a new turn with the testimony of music leader Lee Luna (played by Hwang Bo-reum-byeol). This is because Lee Luna, who saw the suspicious quick service article and immediately realized who it was, quickly reported this to Yoo Jeong-jae. Yoo Jeong-jae appointed a club employee as a witness and made him realize that this whole situation was planned by Kim Bong-ju. The police, still suspicious of Cha Se-eum, began to investigate Kim Bong-ju's whereabouts.

Although he was released thanks to Yoo Jeong-jae, another ordeal awaited Cha Se-eum. This is because the orchestra's image plummeted as the incident at the Han River Philharmonic Orchestra was exposed to the media. At the entrance to the Han River Art Center, wreaths mocking Cha Se-eum and the orchestra were lined up. The internal situation was no less serious, and many members left the orchestra because they felt anxious about the constant incidents of accidents. Not only was he involved in an unexpected incident and falsely accused, but the orchestra was on the verge of disbandment. A series of sudden situations shook Cha Se-eum's mentality.

When Cha Se-eum received a call from Kim Bong-ju when she was drunk and losing consciousness, she struggled to get up with difficulty when he asked her to meet him. Then, the next day, Cha Se-eum woke up on the sofa in the conductor's room. The news of Kim Bong-ju's death was delivered in a phone call that made people wonder if he had met Kim Bong-ju last night, and episode 7 ended with Cha Se-eum, whose pupils were shaking as she saw the blood on her hands.

'Maestra', which makes people wonder whether Cha Se-eum met Kim Bong-ju last night and how Kim Bong-ju met his death, continues with episode 8 at 9:20 pm on the 31st.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google