Jang Nara, strangled by stalker, rescued by police and taken to emergency room
Jang Nara, strangled by stalker, rescued by police and taken to emergency room
TV CHOSUN's new weekend mini-series 'My Happy End' presented a thrill of shock and twists from the first episode.

The first episode of 'My Happy End', which aired for the first time on the 30th, recorded a national viewership rating of 2.6% and the highest per-minute viewership rating of 3.0% based on Nielsen Korea.

In the first episode of 'My Happy End', Seo Jae-won (played by Jang Na-ra), the CEO of the successful home furniture brand 'Dreve', meets her husband Heo Soon-yeong (played by Son Ho-jun), her friend Kwon Yun-jin (played by So Yi-hyeon), and her colleague Theo Yoon, who have been a great help to her. (played by Lee Ki-taek) and stepfather Seo Chang-seok (played by Kim Hong-pa) learn about their hidden secrets one by one, showing them suffering from shock and confusion.

First of all, from the beginning, Seo Jae-won's desperate situation of running away from the stalker who was chasing him and eventually getting strangled caught the attention. Seo Jae-won is on the road to success as the CEO of a popular furniture company, Drev. At the same time, she leads a happy daily life with her husband Heo Soon-young and lovely daughter Heo Ah-rin (played by Choi So-yul). However, Seo Jae-won, who had been stalked for seven years, was attacked and threatened by a stalker who appeared at the company for the first time, and experienced extreme fear and fear.

Afterwards, Seo Jae-won suffered from the trauma of being a stalker, and in the midst of this, an incident occurred in which she began to doubt the most important people, including her stepfather who worked hard to raise her, her husband who devotedly supported her, and her co-workers with whom she grew the company during difficult times. Nam Tae-joo (played by Park Ho-san), an insurance investigator who unexpectedly visits Seo Jae-won, hears that his stepfather, Seo Chang-seok (played by Kim Hong-pa), received the 500 million won in insurance money that Seo Jae-won's dead mother had received, and that his mother, who died of multiple organ failure, had been exposed to pesticides three times before her death. He surprised Seo Jae-won by saying that Seo Chang-seok was there every time he ate.

Additionally, while Seo Jae-won went to track the car using the parking receipt he found in the office, he found a skull T-shirt worn by the stalker who attacked him in the trunk of the car, and was convinced that it was the stalker's car. Then, Seo Jae-won, who was secretly watching, was shocked to see that the person getting into the car was Yoon Teo. Seo Jae-won, who was reeling, went to the fitness center to find her husband, Heo Soon-young, who had gone to work out, but was shocked to hear that Heo Soon-young had not been going for about three months. Seo Jae-won tracked the location of her husband's unknown behavior, and saw her husband Heo Soon-young, who had the same face but a completely different appearance, wearing a colorful suit, shoes, and no glasses, walking arm in arm with her best friend Kwon Yun-jin. .

Seo Jae-won, who showed extreme anxiety in the chaotic situation, was chased by the stalker again and ended up being strangled and falling into the river. Seo Jae-won, who was rescued by the police and taken to the emergency room, opened her eyes for a moment while her husband Heo Soon-young, colleague Yoon Teo, and stepfather Seo Chang-seok were all watching, and at their cold and cold expressions, she said, “Just wait and see. “I will make you feel the same way in this hell,” he said, shedding tears, amplifying curiosity.

Jang Na-ra plays Seo Jae-won, who falls from happiness to unhappiness in an instant, and portrays complex emotions in three dimensions, from her professional and charismatic appearance to the anxiety and distrust suffered by the shock of betrayal. Jang Na-ra's passionate performance, which includes the extreme fear that makes her whole body tremble after being threatened by a stalker, and the sudden burst of sobs after giggling and laughing self-mockingly, drew rave reviews. Son Ho-jun densely expressed the mysterious side of Heo Soon-yeong, a father who devotedly takes care of his wife Seo Jae-won, and the polar opposites from the caring side of Heo Soon-yeong to his completely 180-degree different appearance when he meets Kwon Yun-jin.

So Yi-hyeon plays the role of Kwon Yun-jin, an assistant professor at an art school who is passionate about art work, and is expected to play the role of making people curious about her friend Seo Jae-won's husband, Heo Soon-young, and the hidden secret. Ki-taek Lee, who played the role of Teo Yoon, the head of the Dreve design team, created a strange atmosphere by crossing the line between good and evil, with unknown intentions toward CEO Jae-won Seo and even being suspected of being a stalker. Kim Hong-pa proved his strong presence by radiating extraordinary paternal love toward his daughter Seo Jae-won with a simple smile full of compassion. From the moment Park Ho-san appeared, he gave goosebumps with his cold eyes and expression that did not reveal his true feelings, creating a different tension.

Episode 2 of ‘My Happy End’ will be broadcast at 9:10 PM on the 31st (today).

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google