Kim Jun-ho openly abuses Hong In-gyu while filming 'Dog Park Tour 2'
Kim Jun-ho openly abuses Hong In-gyu while filming 'Dog Park Tour 2'
Ahead of the first broadcast of Season 2 of 'Dogbox Tour', Kim Dae-hee, Kim Jun-ho, Jang Dong-min, Yoo Se-yoon, and Hong In-gyu of 'Dogbox Tour' presented an intense teaser reminiscent of a Hong Kong movie.

Channel S's 'Nidonnaesan Dokbak Tour 2' (hereinafter referred to as 'Dogbag Tour 2') will be broadcast for the first time on Saturday, January 6th next year at 8:20 PM, and the five members of 'Dogbagz' will be broadcasting a short but intense 15-second video. The teaser really raised the desire to watch the show live.

In this teaser, which was released through the official website, etc., 'Dogbox' was overly immersed in the Hong Kong movie 'The Black Man', and as a group, they completed the 'Jang Kook-young look' by wearing white running shirts and pomaded hair. Next, they sat around a restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui and spoke a lot of 'unintelligible' Chinese, giving off a good local vibe. To their incomprehensible Chinese(?) conversation, the production team added translated(?) subtitles, “Didn’t you know that ‘Dog Park Tour 2’ is starting yet?” Kim Jun-ho suddenly got up from his seat and called Hong In-gyu Chinese(?) He creates tension by belittling him. Hong In-gyu, the ‘youngest’, burst out in sadness at this and said, “Why are you hitting me when I can’t speak Chinese?” “He expressed his anger in Korean, ending the teaser with a salty laugh.

The production team said, “'Dogbox', which chose Hong Kong as the first travel destination for Season 2, filmed 'The Father's Day' (?), a parody of Hong Kong's masterpiece 'The Father's Day', while also showing off the majesty of the 'K-father' in various places in Hong Kong. It emanates. In addition, in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes and betrayals, those who continued the 'scheme' of tricking and deceiving each other in the previous season will implement a more advanced game of poison and stronger penalties. “Please look forward to Season 2 of ‘Dog Park Tour,’ which is twice as upgraded in every way.”

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Photo provided by Channel S

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google