Rowoon "First comedy challenge,  I hope you remember it for a long time"
Rowoon "First comedy challenge, I hope you remember it for a long time"
Actor Rowoon expressed his thoughts on the end of KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Battle'.

Rowoon said through his agency FNC Entertainment on the 26th, "While playing Jungwoo, I took on the challenge of a comedy genre that I normally thought was difficult. Although I am still lacking a lot, I am trying to interpret scenes a little differently and show new acting, with an emphasis on 'unexpectedness'." “I think I tried my best. I will continue to show good acting without fear of failure.”

He continued, "I was able to finish well until the end because I worked with good directors, writers, and actors. I would like to thank everyone who worked hard together, and I would like to express my gratitude to those who have loved 'The Wedding Battle' and Jungwoo so far. I will continue to support Jungwoo in the future. “I hope you remember it for a long time,” he added.

'Wedding Battle' is a matchmaking comic melodrama in which a Joseon Dynasty sire and a maid of honor meet and a miner (a term used to refer to an old maid and an old bachelor in the Joseon Dynasty) engage in a 'wedding battle'. In the drama, Rowoon played the role of Shim Jeong-woo, a Cheongsang sire and the most angry man in Hanyang.

Through this work, Rowoon solidified his position as a ‘historical drama male god’ with a stable historical tone and beautiful hanbok visuals, adding vitality to the small screen. In addition, he proved to be an actor who is fluent in both comic and melodrama genres, expressing the character's changing emotions in a variety of ways, from sly comic acting to serious melodrama. Thanks to Rowoon's passionate performance, 'Wedding Battle' continued to be popular, maintaining its top spot among Monday-Tuesday dramas.

Rowoon, whose future activities are even more anticipated, is scheduled to play an active role as an MC at the '2023 KBS Drama Awards' on the 31st.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google