'Cesi Bon' Kim Se-hwan "I was misunderstood for having an affair with my daughter"
'Cesi Bon' Kim Se-hwan "I was misunderstood for having an affair with my daughter"
Cesibong Kim Se-hwan reveals his thorny road marriage story.

On KBS1's 'Park Won-sook's Let's Live Together', which will be aired on the 24th, Kim Se-hwan, the eternal acoustic guitar boy and a guest who came as a Christmas present, appears.

Kim Se-hwan, who met the Four Fairies, confesses his long-standing relationship with the sisters. Not only was he close to fellow singer Hye-eun, he made an unexpected statement that he had even slept with Park Won-sook in the past. After the happy meeting, something else was waiting for Kim Se-hwan. On this day, the sisters ask Kim Se-hwan to pick persimmons from a tall tree. After picking persimmons, we moved to none other than radish and cabbage fields. The sisters, who started growing radishes and cabbages together with Kim Se-hwan, who was busy working one after another, and the Christmas scene with Kim Se-hwan, who was also in charge of managing the beehives that arrived at Saseonga, are revealed.

Kim Se-hwan reveals the secret to his success that allowed him to become the king of singers in 1974 and 1975. It is said that the secret to mega hits is that they are good at 'making other people's songs their own', such as Song Chang-sik's 'Loving Heart' and Yun Hyeong-ju's 'Sitting on the Side of the Road'. Attention is being paid to what King Singer Kim Se-hwan's reaction will be to the sisters' treatment of him as a thief.
'Cesi Bon' Kim Se-hwan "I was misunderstood for having an affair with my daughter"
'Cesi Bon' Kim Se-hwan "I was misunderstood for having an affair with my daughter"
On the other hand, even at the age of over 70, Ahn Moon-sook asks Kim Se-hwan, the youngest of the three Sibon members, about his difficulties as the youngest. Kim Se-hwan, who opened the fire by suggesting a palm time to his older brothers out of sadness, first said to Song Chang-sik, “You sleep better during the day and night,” to Yun Hyeong-ju, “Stop preaching,” and finally, to his eldest brother, Jo Young-nam, he turned the sisters upside down with a sharp murder. Make them lose.

Kim Se-hwan, known as a lover in the entertainment industry, reveals his marriage story with his wife. Kim Se-hwan, who said he wanted to get married as soon as he found someone he liked, recalled the moment he fell in love at first sight, saying he first saw his wife at a friend's wedding reception. Kim Se-hwan, who succeeded in getting married by eliminating obstacles, was not free from various misunderstandings.

Previously, Kim Se-hwan appeared on another entertainment show and said, "My wife had a boyfriend at the time, but she said, 'It doesn't matter, let's date together and meet if you like me. I won't get my hands dirty.' That's how we started dating, and we got married." there is.

Kim Se-hwan, who ran a Japanese restaurant near the lodging establishment, expressed his resentment toward people who recognized him when he visited the lodging establishment to solve a problem caused by the smell of fish. He also boasts a special affection for his children, and is attracting attention when he reveals the story of being misunderstood as having an affair while taking a leisurely walk with his daughter.

‘Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together’ will be broadcast at 9 a.m. on the 24th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google