Lee Chan-won, '1st place in the whole school + Superintendent of Education Award' life record revealed
Lee Chan-won, '1st place in the whole school + Superintendent of Education Award' life record revealed
Singer Lee Chan-won's life record was revealed for the first time.

In KBS2's entertainment show 'New Release' (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeon Restaurant'), which aired on the 22nd, the daily life of Chan-won Lee, a chef who not only cooks well and lives well on his own despite his busy schedule, but also does not forget to take care of others, was unfolded. In this process, the story of Lee Chan-won's school days, who always did his best and was sincere enough to praise the teacher, was revealed, giving a touching impression.

Chan-won Lee, who was unable to participate in the studio recording of ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ due to his schedule that day, sent his greetings via video call. Lee Chan-won said, “I wanted to go to the studio, but it’s a shame,” and politely greeted actors Lee Sang-yeop and Lee Jeong-ha, who were talking on the phone for the first time. In response to Lee Jeong-ha's cute request to make pork cutlet later, he invited her by saying, "Please come to my house," or to the groom-to-be Lee Sang-yeop, saying, "Congratulations," and "If you need a congratulatory song, please call me."

Then, in the released VCR, Lee Chan-won looked up his life record through the Government 24 app. This is the first time that Lee Chan-won's records from his elementary, middle, and high school years are being revealed on television. Lee Chan-won, who saw his past photos in the life record, burst out laughing, saying, “It’s so funny.” The 'Pyeon Restaurant' family couldn't take their eyes off Lee Chan-won's childhood appearance, shouting, "He's so cute."

Next, the highlights of the life record, including awards, grades, career guidance, and comprehensive opinions, were also revealed. Lee Chan-won surprised people by boasting numerous awards, including the Perfect Attendance Award. Chan-won Lee won many competitions, including rope jumping contests, homepage contests, and design contests, and even received the Superintendent of Education Award when he was in elementary school. In addition, it was revealed that he broadcasted school soccer competitions during his school days and that he had always dreamed of becoming a singer, which attracted attention. The comments left by the teachers were also full of praise. Lee Chan-won was literally a young leaf that was ripe for the taking.

Among them, what caught the most attention was Lee Chan-won's grades during his third year of high school. In social studies, which was my homeroom teacher's subject at the time, I ranked first in the entire school for the first and second semesters. Chanwon Lee, lost in memories, called his homeroom teacher from his senior year of high school, with whom he still maintains a relationship. The teacher who answered the phone expressed gratitude for the Korean beef sent by Chan-won Lee.

The teacher then talked about Chan-won Lee's high school days, saying, "He was always the class president who took care of others first even if he couldn't take care of himself. I was happy as a homeroom teacher because he did a good job as class president. “He was the best class president,” he said, adding, “That personality is still evident today.” The ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ family also added praise to Chan-won Lee, saying, “Chan-won Lee really takes care of the people around him.”

On the other hand, on this day, Lee Chan-won released a recipe that anyone can easily follow but is also delicious. Crispy sweet potato kimchi pancakes that allow you to enjoy the taste of Yeongam sweet potatoes and old kimchi, which are best friends, to super simple soy sauce egg rice that can be made quickly when you're busy, and green onion chicken pancakes that are more delicious than chicken. 'Taste. Well. Know' Lee Chan-won's unique cooking and taste sensations were featured in the recipes, which attracted attention.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google