Kang Su-ji "Husband Kim Kook-jin, I created a person."
Kang Su-ji "Husband Kim Kook-jin, I created a person."
Kim Gook-jin and Kang Su-ji take their first steps into Season 2 of TV CHOSUN's 'Joseon's Lover'. They appeared as guests at the wedding of Choi Seong-guk and his wife, the 'first lovers', in the first season of 'Joseon's Lovers'. Kim Gook-jin, who showed strong affection, said, “I decided to appear with Suzy because I thought, ‘I can do it like an outing,’” and Kang Su-ji, Kim Gook-jin’s wife and ‘nation’s first love,’ said, “I will show you as I am,” and has been receiving a lot of attention from the time of their marriage. It foretold the natural yet sesame-filled daily life of the 'Noodle Couple', which attracted a lot of attention.

The 'Noodle Couple', who described each other as 'ordinary lovers' and 'only lovers', already showed off their extraordinary eloquence and empathy by forming 4 MCs with Kim Ji-min and Hwang Bo-ra in the first episode on the 18th. The sweet married life they will show will also be revealed in Season 2 of 'Joseon's Lovers'.

Q. Could you please fill in the blank spaces in <I Am a ___ Lover of Joseon>? What kind of lover are you?
Kim Gook-jin - I am an ‘ordinary’ lover of Joseon. I don't think I have a great or special love compared to other people. I think I live and love normally just like other people.

Kang Su-ji - I am the ‘one and only’ lover of Joseon. My husband always smiles when he sees me. Everything I do is fun. Since I always make my husband smile, in that sense, I guess I am his only lover.

Q. I heard that Kim Gook-jin is the hidden designer of the ‘Joseon Lover’ series. Could you please explain what role you have played so far?
Kim Kook-jin - Rather than being a designer, I just played the role of silently observing the process of creating 'Joseon's Lover'. In the case of Seongguk, who joined us this season, I didn't do anything special as I watched him meet a good person, fall in love, get married, and announce his pregnancy. Instead, I was always watching so that I could help whenever I needed it.

Q. What process did you go through to appear in season 2 of ‘Joseon’s Lover’? I'm also curious about why you decided to appear on your first reality show as a married couple.
Kim Gook-jin - I spend a lot of time at home with Suzy, but it's been a long time since we went out. So, 'Should I go on an outing with Suzy after a long time?' Just as I was thinking about doing this, a program offer came in, and I decided to appear because I thought I could do the program together, as if I were going on an outing with Suzy.

Kang Soo-ji - She appeared on 'Burning Youth' at the suggestion of CP Lee Seung-hoon, who has worked with her for a long time. My husband and CP Seunghoon Lee are people who know me well. So, I decided to appear without much pressure, thinking, ‘I can just act naturally as I am.’

Q. A lot of time has passed since your marriage, which attracted attention. As I live, I ask each other to tell me what kind of spouse they are.
Kim Gook-jin - I think Suzy knows better what kind of spouse I am to her. In that sense, I think Suzy is someone who makes me want to change. So, if Suzy asks for anything or suggests something, I do it as much as possible. However, since Suzy cannot completely change into what she wants, I would say she is someone who makes me want to change a little. (laugh)

Suji Kang - Aren't I the person my husband really needs? It's half-joking and half-serious, but they say I made my husband into a person. A person who previously couldn't even open the refrigerator door by himself lives with me, and now he can scoop up food, water, and wash dishes on his own. In addition to this, there are many things that have changed through me, and because of me, there are many things I can do and I am making good changes, so I think I am the spouse my husband needs.

Q. In addition to the existing actors Choi Seong-guk and Lee Soo-min and Won-hyuk, new couples such as 'Gooksoo Couple', Kim Seul-gi and Yoo Hyeon-cheol, and Cheondung and Mimi will appear. What expectations do you have for new couples, including ‘Noodle Couple’?
Kookjin Kim - I think that the basic emotions of love are all similar, but the aspects of love vary depending on the type of love, such as marriage preparation, childcare, and remarriage. Depending on what type of love I am in, I will take time to look into the person I love and also look at myself. So, I am curious and excited about the type of love they will show, what their love will be like, and what kind of love story they will tell.

Suji Kang - Rather than having any expectations, I think it will be a time to feel and learn while watching the individual stories of loved ones. Don’t the people who will be joining ‘Joseon’s Lovers’ all have their own stories? I think it will be a time to learn about new types of love that I didn't know about until now, by watching and feeling their stories and the emotions they feel at each moment.

Q. Do you have any connection with Kim Ji-min and Hwang Bo-ra, who will be working together as MCs? If you are not in a relationship, please tell us what your impression is and what kind of chemistry you are expecting.
Kim Gook-jin - Kim Ji-min has never been on a program with me, but as a junior comedian, I think he has a good sense of humor. And what my acquaintances say is that he takes good care of the people around him. So I thought, ‘He’s a friend with good energy in many ways.’ He is a junior who we are excited to see what kind of energy he will show in our program. Hwang Bo-ra's name itself is 'Pora', so I think she has a connection with Suzy's 'purple scent' and has a unique image. (Laughs) So I'm looking forward to what she will show through our program in the future.

Kang Su-ji - I think this is my first time broadcasting with Kim Ji-min and Hwang Bo-ra. They both have bright and positive energy, and don’t you feel better when you have people like that around you? I have expectations that I will be able to create enjoyable chemistry with two people who have different personalities from mine.

Q. Was there a moment when you felt strongly that the other person ‘really loves me’?
Kim Gook-jin - Suzy trusts me without doubting or interfering in whatever I do. And when they are in a situation where they have to make an important decision or have concerns about something, they often ask me questions. Even during the recently concluded concert, when the moment came when he had to decide something, he thought it over and thought about it thoroughly before asking, “Can I do it like this?” When I see things like that, I feel like they trust and rely on me a lot. I also feel that I am someone who can give Suzy a sense of stability. So when Suzy asks, I always tell her that I'm good and that she's doing well. In fact, they are doing well.

Suji Kang - This is when my husband, who seemed like he would be single, decided to marry me. My husband is the type of person who thinks carefully and thinks carefully when making a decision. I think it was the same with marriage, and I think she was able to make that decision because she had confidence and faith in her feelings for me. So when my husband decided to marry me, I was able to feel once more that his feelings for me were sincere.

Q. Please tell us what kind of side you plan to show through Season 2 of ‘Joseon’s Lover’ and what you hope viewers will feel through this program.
Kim Gook-jin - 'Joseon's Lover' will show various forms of love, and when viewers see it, they will sympathize and understand, saying, "That person loves like that," and "He can express love like that." I wish I did.

Kang Su-ji - Wouldn't my natural self be seen without makeup? I think I will be able to show my unadorned side in a natural and natural way because it is a program where I can watch and feel stories that people love together with my husband. There are various love stories in 'Joseon's Lover', such as the love of a father for his daughter who 'suddenly' gets older and has to get her married, a new mother who gets married and raises a baby, and the love of a father. . We hope that our viewers will be with us before we know it. I hope that through our broadcast, we can express a little more love to our close family members, acknowledge our differences, and be considerate of each other.

‘Joseon’s Lover 2’ airs every Monday at 10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google